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Cupboards, closets, dressers and shelves can easily become dusty and untidy.
Many people would agree that washing, drying, and folding their laundry is one of the worst chores ever.
Moving—like getting a tooth pulled or driving a very long distance through uninteresting landscapes—is one of those trials almos
Purging is one of the most important steps in organizing.


Summer means eating on the go.
A juicy, crispy roast chicken with vegetables is one recipe every home cook can—and should—easily master.
With health consciousness at such a high point these days, many people do not deep fry foods.
With health consciousness at such a high point these days, many people do not deep fry foods.


6 No-Skip Kitchen Floor–Cleaning Tips
Floors are among the first areas to accumulate stains, crumbs, and dust in the kitchen. From grease splatters to errant peas, corn kernels, seeds, sugar and flour dustings, and everything in between, the floor (and those nooks beneath cabinets) tends to be a catchall for all of our kitchen messes. Even if you're the kind of home cook to spot clean spills as you go, you'll know that kitchen floors are one of the dirtiest areas in anyone's home. Daily maintenance is a must, but so is an occasional deep clean.
7 Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid
When it comes to cleaning, we probably all want the cleanest home possible, achieved in the least amount of time possible. But there are certain common cleaning habits that could be side-tracking us on our way to a cleaner home. Avoid these common mistakes and you’ll shave precious minutes off your cleaning routine.
They attract dust, dirt and scratches, and every touch leaves a mark. But when mirrors and glass surfaces gleam, the whole house sparkles. Here are some simple methods to keep them looking good. A few standard household items and a little elbow grease should keep glass surfaces and mirrors clean.
9 Clog Cleaning Hacks
We all know the disheartening feeling that arises when the water in your shower or sink won’t drain. It seems that clogged drains present themselves at the worst times. You might be enjoying a warm shower when, all of a sudden, water is pooling at your ankles. Or, perhaps you are cooking and flip on the sink disposal, only to find that the water refuses to drain or quickly fills up the sink only minutes later.


8 Simple Baking Tips
There is a lot to learn when you are beginning to learn to bake, and it can be helpful to know a few tips and tricks from seasoned experts to help you along your way. Here we have collected some useful tips that will set you off on the right foot, and make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes that others have made when starting out.
7 Baking Tips from the Pros
Let's say you were (lucky enough) to be in a room with the nation's top pastry chefs. What would you ask them? If they would follow you home and bake you a cake? Absolutely. But you'd probably also want to find out a secret or two. Like maybe their top baking tip? Well, we've asked them for you. Read on to learn the simple secrets of the pros.
9 Bread Baking Tips
Baking bread is one of the most satisfying at-home cooking projects. That freshly baked bread smell alone is worth the effort. Easy bread recipes are the way to go if you’re new to baking bread, and quick breads, made without yeast, are particularly simple to master. After you learn the basics, we’re sure you’ll be absolutely hooked on making your own bread and the magic that comes with the process.
7 Tips To Get The Perfect Candy
Applying tried-and-tested techniques to your candies will not only make your candies tastier and pleasing to the eyes— it’ll also strengthen your baking skills in the long run. Read on to find out some baking tips and begin your journey to being the best baker you can be! There’s virtually nothing we don’t love about candies. They’re among the easiest things to bake, and even if you mess up a little bit, they are still gonna taste great.
10 Baking Tips: Frosting & Finishing
Frosting a cake might feel like a challenge at times, especially if you're working with a layered cake—so many things can go wrong in the process. We've rounded up 10 awesome tips to help you out. Read along and get one step closer to the cake of your dreams!


Learn how to crochet the incredibly soft textured Fluffy Shell Stitch - this stitch is an intermediate stitch worked over 4 rows for the full repeat. Perfect for beautiful mermaid scarves!
How does your garden grow? With colorful yarn and a crochet hook! Have you been wondering how to crochet puff flowers and put together a crochet piece everyone will love?
The textured bobble stitch is an easy crochet stitch to learn. It consists of a cluster of stitches which create a bobble like look when finished plus lots of texture! I like to call it the bubble stitch because of how it pops out from projects.
This interesting and so gorgeous crochet pattern creates a solid, dense and warm textured fabric which you can use for many crochet projects. The Crochet Double Knot Stitch looks more difficult then actually is.


Garter stitch is the easiest stitch to make in knitting, basically row after row of the knit stitch. Easy to knit, and creates a 'wave' effect. Perfect for big chunky scarves such as as 'Foxy Roxy' and cardigans such as the 'Vivienne Cardigan'.
We all have bad habits that we need to change. It's hard, but so rewarding when we succeed! You want to know how to get a smooth and even fabric, and you are ready to improve your knowledge of knitting and crochet to become a better master. Great!
Even if you're a beginner - or intermediate, or an advanced knitter - there are habits that you can develop to make you an even better knitter! Discover 10 ways to polish your skills!
Are you a new knitter? If so, congratulations and welcome to a hobby that is guaranteed to bring you lifelong joy! Tell the truth: Are you afraid of breaking away from the person who taught you?