7 Ways to Repurpose Wax Paper at Home

Blossom Lady
Feb 25, 2023 05:40 PM
7 Ways to Repurpose Wax Paper at Home

Wax paper is one of the most commonly used types of paper, especially in the kitchen. Wax paper is wax-coated paper that you often see when buying bread, sandwiches, hamburgers, fried chicken, etc., kinds of food that have oil, grease, or moisture on the surface. You can take advantage of wax paper to do many things. If you’re wondering if wax paper is ideal to bake cookies on, or whether it’d be safe to put wax paper in ovens, you’re in the right place. Here are some common uses for wax paper.

1. Line counter for rolling out dough.
Using flour to roll out dough isn't always reliable and can dry out the dough. Using wax paper ensures that nothing sticks to the work surface and the dough doesn't tear. It also keeps your work surfaces clean!

2. Clean the blades of your can opener.
Fold a small piece of wax paper a few times and run it through your can opener. You'll be surprised at how much dirt comes out of the blades. Plus, your tool will work more smoothly the next time you use it.

3. Make a quick funnel.
I love my foldable silicone funnels, but you can also make funnels out of a piece of wax paper to do tasks like refilling your oil dispenser or spice jars. The wax paper is stiff enough to hold its shape while you use it, and you can throw it away when you're done. It's also perfect for making a funnel for a homemade fruit fly trap if you don't have a jar with a lid.

4. Cover food in the microwave.
A piece of wax paper is perfect for covering food in the microwave so it doesn't splatter all over the inside. This saves unnecessary cleaning.

5. Protect wooden bowls and cutting boards with a protective coating.
Wiping wooden bowls and cutting boards with wax paper will give them a protective coating. Try this after you have cleaned them thoroughly.

6. Wrap cheese.
Unlike plastic, waxed paper allows cheese to breathe. Use it to wrap your fancy cheese for optimal storage, but only if you plan to eat it within three or four days.

7. Uncorking wine.
If you need to reseal wine with its original cork, wrap it in a piece of wax paper beforehand to help it slide into the bottle.

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