Eye Gymnastics: Quick Exercises to Improve Vision

Blossom Lady
Jun 13, 2020 07:49 AM

Eye exercises help you strengthen your visual fitness. People with fit eyes react smarter in case of emergency. Since electronic devices surround our daily life, we spend a long time staring at the screen leading to so many visual troubles. Hence, this course will help you to develop your visual quality and save your precious eyes from going blind or low-sighted. A simple eye exercise can help you get over with the severity and handle the daily pressure on your eyes.

I would like to share with you the series of simple eye exercises, and it is easy to do them at home. You can start doing them right now to prevent diseases and to relieve fatigue. Each exercise won’t take more than one minute. Such exercises for vision will be useful both for children and adults.

Begin training with a pleasant - give your eyes a rest, doing the so-called palming. For this, warm palms are applied to the face so that no light penetrates between the fingers. Having closed eyelids, provide double protection of eyes against any irritants and so have a rest within several minutes.

Exercise 1

Stand or sit comfortably and relax. Keep your head straight, do not overturn. At first, direct your gaze to the ceiling, and then mentally continue to look at the top of the head. Now lower the view slowly down, and mentally continue to follow the eyes to the thyroid gland. Repeat 8-10 times in each direction.

Exercise 2

The position of the head does not change. Slowly take your eyes to the left as if you want to see your own ear. So slowly “look” on the right ear, looking as far as possible to the right. Perform 9-10 times.

Exercise 3

When performing, it is very important not to make head movements. Remember that only the eyes should move!

Draw with your eyes such a diagonal: Left bottom corner - upper right corner - bottom right corner - upper left corner. Now with the help of eyeballs, repeat the diagonal in the reverse order: bottom right corner - upper left - bottom left - upper right. After completing these two diagonals, you should relax your eyes and often blink them without straining your eyelids.

All movements in this exercise should be carried out easily, without effort and emotional discomfort.

Exercise 4

Open your eyes and blink quickly 10 times. Then close your eyes, relax for 20 seconds and listen to your breath. Repeat the exercise five times.

Exercise 5

Keep your head straight. Bring the indexed fingers of the right and left hands together to the face. Then, slowly move your fingers in different directions horizontally. The left eye should follow the left finger, the right eye - respectively, behind the right one. Remember that only the side vision should be used.

Exercise 6

Find a remote point or sit by the window and look at the horizon. Then move your gaze to the tip of the nose and continue to look at it for 5-10 seconds. Inhale while looking at the near point, and exhale while looking at the far point. Repeat the exercise 10–20 times.

Gymnastics for the eyes must be performed every day, especially if you spend a lot of time at the computer. In order not to forget about charging, use any App you prefer to set regular reminders.

Important note: if you have any serious vision problems (glaucoma, cataracts, etc.), please consult your doctor before performing any eye exercises.

Eye Gymnastics: Quick Exercises to Improve Vision
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