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Orlando, Fl
Birth Date:
February 8, 1980
Hi and welcome to my page! I’m Anna and I’m so glad you’re here!
In this blog, I mostly share some overviews and lifehacks from my life experience. I've created this page to share what I've learned and experienced during my whole life and keep learning and experimenting with every day. My hope is that you can find something for your own inspiration and motivation to achieve the goals and desires and to make your life better!
I live in Orlando, Florida with my husband and two kids.
Thank you for reading!

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2020-06-10 04:05:25
Welcome! It's cool, that you're with us.
2023-06-07 08:50:45

The first photo in your article 

Best Crochet Stitch Combinations for Textured Patterns 

is a beautiful soft ripple pattern.  Are there instructions for that pattern?

2022-10-17 19:45:15

hello I’m looking forward to seeing your o patterns