Filet Crochet Photo Tutorial

Blossom Lady
Mar 16, 2024 02:49 PM
Filet Crochet Photo Tutorial

Learn how to Filet Crochet with this photo tutorial.

The grid-like look of filet crochet might look fancy, but it’s created with only two basic stitches: the chain and double crochet. The double crochet stitches are used to create the grid and fill in spaces, while the empty cells are made with chain stitches between two double crochets. This style of crochet is commonly used in lightweight yarn, but if you have a large-scale project in mind, worsted weight would work well too.

Filet crochet is a popular choice for tablecloths, place mats, curtains, bedspreads or a lace shawl. There’s so much to love about this versatile technique, so add it to your repertoire and stitch to your heart’s content!


  • Ch: chain
  • DC: double crochet


Make a blank mesh as a swatch to determine your filet gauge. Use this to get an idea of how many grids would look best in your particular design.


Row 1: (photos #1-2) DC in the 8th chain from your hook, *Ch 2, skip 2 chains, DC in next chain; repeat from * to end. Turn. (7 empty squares made up of 8 DC and 7 ch-2 spaces)

Row 2: Ch 5 (photo #3), skip first DC and ch-2 gap, *DC in next DC, Ch 2 (photo #4); repeat from * to end, DC in third chain of previous row’s turning chain. (Photo #5)

Repeat Row 2 until you have the number of rows you desire. (Photo #6)

Filet Crochet Photo Tutorial
Filet Crochet Photo Tutorial
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