7 Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Blossom Lady
Sep 05, 2020 04:53 AM
7 Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Some of your old-standby cleaning routines could be doing more harm than good. Of course, the dirt and grime may be gone, but surfaces might be damaged. Today I keep on sharing with you the most common things we keep doing wrong.

1. You are cleaning reflective surfaces with a Magic Eraser.

Magic Erasers are pretty impressive—but they don't work on every surface in your house. Using a Magic Eraser on any sort of shiny surface will cause dull spots, therefore microwave exteriors, wood floors, countertops, and any area of the home painted with semi-gloss paint shouldn't be cleaned with one of these sponges.

2. You're using harsh cleaners on your stainless steel.

Besides being pretty easy to scratch, stainless steel really doesn't need much more than a wipe down with mild soap and water. If you do have visible stains on your steel, make a paste with soap and baking soda. A microfiber towel and stainless-steel cleaner can also help with serious smudges and streaks.

3. Not giving chemicals enough time to work.

You should spray cleaning chemicals onto a mess and then walk away for five minutes. Chemicals don't work instantaneously. If you find that you still need to scrub after that, you're probably using a cleaning product that's not strong enough for the job.

4. You're not cleaning out the lint screen in your dryer after every cycle.

Pull the lint off the screen after every cycle, and give it a proper wash once or twice a year (or whenever it's visibly dirty). Around the same time, you should snake the dryer duct. This cleaning kit can make the job super simple.

5. You're not letting your pans cool before washing them.

Any extreme change in temperature will cause the metal to warp, so wait at least a few minutes before washing your cookware. When you do, use tepid water and don't submerge it unless it's completely cooled down.

6. You're using a sponge to clean your home.

Sponges are fine to use on the dishes, but using that same sponge to wipe down the kitchen table is actually a mistake. Sponges soak up and spread around bacteria, so if you're using the same one for the whole house you're picking up germs from one area and moving them to the other. Additionally, the scrubby side of a sponge can scratch delicate surfaces, like glass. Instead, I suggest you using a microfiber rag or a paper towel to clean the surfaces outside your kitchen sink.

7. Cleaning pet stains with an ammonia-based cleaner.

If you want those pet stains to be a thing of the past, it's important to avoid using ammonia-based cleaners on them at all costs. Since ammonia is actually one component of cat urine, your feline companion may mistake the cleaning solution for another cat marking its territory and mark the same spot again right after it has been cleaned.

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