8 Ways to Reuse the Leftover Wax from Candles

Blossom Lady
Feb 05, 2023 09:13 AM
8 Ways to Reuse the Leftover Wax from Candles

Burning candles can add a pleasant aroma to a home, enhance the mood for a special occasion, and, of course, bring light into the darkness. Once the candle has burned down and there is only about half an inch of wax left, it shouldn't be burned. But just because you no longer burn the candle doesn't mean you have to throw it away. There are many creative and helpful ways to put the remaining wax to good use.

1. Unstick a drawer
Squeaky doors and sticky drawers can sometimes be quickly fixed with an old candle. Silence a door by removing the pins from the door's hinges, then rubbing a kerosene candle over the pins. Replace the door, reattach the pins, and open and close the door a few times to distribute the wax evenly. For stubborn drawers, rub the candle along the guide rails and then slide it in and out to distribute the wax.

2. Weatherproof your labels
After addressing a package with a felt-tip pen, rub the label with a white candle to weatherproof it. Neither rain, sleet, nor snow can smear the label.

3. Mend ends of shoelaces
If the plastic or metal tips are coming loose from the ends of your shoelaces, don't wait for them to fray. Do something to avoid the hassle of having to squeeze a crumpled shoelace end through a tiny eyelet. Dip the end in melted candle wax and the shoelace will hold until you can buy a new one.

4. Craft pincushion
A wide candle makes an ideal pincushion. The wax makes needles and pins glide through fabric more easily. Just make sure the wax is soft enough for the needles to go in easily.

5. Zipper
A sticky zipper can be a real nuisance, especially when it's cold outside and you're struggling to get your coat on. Fix this frustrating problem by smearing the zipper with a colorless candle. Rub the wax on both sides of the teeth, then pull the zipper open and closed until the tab slides smoothly. This method is also suitable for the zippers of sleeping bags, tents and much more.

6. Use a trick candle to start a fire
Don't let a draft blow out the flame when you're trying to light your fireplace or fire up the grill. Start your fire with one of these blow-out proof birthday candles, designed as a joke to prevent birthday boys from blowing out the candles on their cakes. Once the fire is lit, snuff out the candle's flame and save your trick candle for later.

7. Silence a squeaky door
If a squeaky door is driving you crazy, take it off its hinges and rub a candle over the hinge surfaces that are touching. The door will then stop squeaking.

8. Slippery savior
Digging out after a snowstorm doesn't have to be a problem with this clever trick: rub a candle on your trusty shovel before heading outside to tame the elements. The coating will give your tool a slippery surface that snow won't stick to, making the tedious job much easier.

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