7 Ways to Use Rubber Bands at Home

Blossom Lady
Dec 30, 2022 09:47 PM
7 Ways to Use Rubber Bands at Home

Invented in 1845, rubber bands are used to hold bundles of banknotes and other sheets of paper together. They are also found wrapped around herbs and some vegetables. In fact, you will encounter them again and again in your life. Instead of throwing them away, you can put these versatile little pieces of vulcanized rubber to good use. Thank you to their rubber texture, they provide excellent grip. They tighten around objects and hold them in place, and they are deceptively strong for something so light and small. This combination means they can be used for everything from braiding hair to attaching a small pair of pliers to an object. Discover 7 simple and common uses for these inexpensive accessories.

1. Anchor your cutting board

Do you catch yourself wandering across the kitchen table with your cutting board while chopping vegetables? Give the board some support by placing a rubber band around each end.

2. Reach for twist-off attachments.

The caps on most beer bottles these days are actually twist-off, but for some reason they still have those sharp little claws on the crown cork from the bottle opener days. And those little scratches can really dig into your hand. Wrap the cap with a rubber band to ease the pain. The same trick works for slick, hard-to-grip beverage bottle caps.

3. Get a grip on drinking glasses

Does arthritis make it hard for you to grip a drinking glass securely, especially when it's wet from condensation? Wrap some rubber bands around the glass to make it easier to grip. This also works for children, whose small hands sometimes have trouble holding a glass.

4. Get your broom back in shape

You do not have to throw away your broom because the bristles are bent from use. Wrap a rubber band around the broom a few inches from the ground. Let it sit for a day or so to help the bristles get back into shape.

5. No more slipping spoons

If the spoon slips back into the mixing bowl and you have to fish it out of the dirty batter, try a different method next time. After you rinse the spoon, wrap a rubber band around the top of the handle to catch the spoon and prevent the mess.

6. Secure the lids of your casserole dishes

Do not spill That's what they say when you hand someone their lovingly prepared casserole dish to transport in the car on the way to visit friends. But you do not have to worry if you secure the lid to the bottom with a couple of wide rubber bands.

7. Childproof cabinets for the kitchen and bathroom

The grandkids are on the way! Get out the rubber bands and temporarily childproof the bathroom and kitchen cabinets you do not want them to get into. Just wrap the bands tightly around two handles.

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Susan C Ramsay
Oct 12, 2023 08:54 AM

After you put the rubber band on your broom, stand it upside down.  From then on always store it upside down and you'll have no bent bristles.  From my MIL who lived to be 101.