7 Easy Ways To Get Organized With Magnets

Blossom Lady
Dec 12, 2022 08:14 AM
7 Easy Ways To Get Organized With Magnets

I think magnets are quite underrated as far as storage solutions go. Magnets are cheap, effective, and easy to attach to things. (You don't even need to use special adhesive magnets - I just use my trusty hot glue gun!) But the really great thing about magnets is that you can use them to store things on a vertical surface. And your home is full of vertical surfaces just waiting to be used for extra storage, like your walls, doors, cabinet doors, and more! So today I'd like to share with you some great ideas for storage and organization with magnets that I've come across over the years. I've compiled 7 different magnetic solutions that you can use in your home to create useful storage space and keep things more organized.

1. Spices
Stick magnets on the backs of your spice containers. You can keep them on the side of your refrigerator or on the inside of a cabinet. This way, you can easily see your spices not only when you're cooking, but also when you run out of something.

2. Keys
A magnetic knife rack would also look great in an entryway. Hang your keys on it so you always know where they're!

3. Printed matter
With a few magnets, you can easily hang your artwork and printables on your fridge! Take a sheet protector or sheet protector and stick a few magnets on the back. Add an image or print and stick it to your fridge.

4. Bobby Pins
Stick a magnetic strip to the inside of a drawer or cabinet in your bathroom to keep track of all your hair clips. They stick well to the magnetic strip and aren't as easy to lose if they aren't lying around in a drawer somewhere!

5. Cups
If you've little kids in the house, you probably have a lot of mugs in the house too! When my kids were younger, they used a new cup every time they wanted a drink and it drove me crazy! If I could turn back time, I'd definitely use magnets to solve that problem!

Just tape a magnet to the side of your child's cup and tape the cup to the fridge. When your child wants a drink, they can grab their cup from the fridge instead of using another clean cup!

6. Makeup
I like the portability of my cosmetic bag, but I definitely don't like having to dig through it to find what I'm looking for. But I recently came across a great idea for organizing your makeup with magnets! Simply stick magnets on the backs of the makeup items you use regularly, and attach them to a metal or magnetic board in your bathroom. Your makeup has never been so easily accessible!

7. Flashlight
Attach a magnet to the side of a small flashlight and tape the flashlight to your fuse box. That way you'll always be prepared when you need to reset a fuse in the dark!

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