7 Practical Ways to Use Paper Plates at Home

Blossom Lady
Dec 09, 2022 01:24 PM
7 Practical Ways to Use Paper Plates at Home

Paper plates are a staple at our summer gatherings, parties and barbecues. I try to use our regular dinner plates as often as possible because I hate to use disposable plates if I can avoid it. But we only have so many dinner plates, so paper plates are a must when we've a lot of people over. But after a few weekends of parties and barbecues, I usually see a surplus of paper plates in my cupboard. So what do you do with a huge stack of paper plates? You find interesting uses for them, of course! So if you've your own collection of paper plates sometime this summer, you know exactly what to do with them.

1. Protect stored dishes
Prevent stored dishes from rattling and breaking, especially if you're moving, by placing a paper plate between each plate when you pack it.

2. Make index cards 

It's inevitable - at the last minute your child will tell you they need index cards to give a presentation. If you don't have any, use paper plates and a ruler. Measure out and cut out an 8 x 13 cm (3 x 5 inch) or 10 x 15 cm (4 x 6 inch) card on the plate. Use the first card as a template for the rest.

3. Craft a paint can drip catcher

Painters often scrape the brush down the side of the can to remove excess paint. To keep the drips from falling to the floor, place a paper plate under the can.

4. Craft Frisbee flashcards 

Cramming your kids with flashcards can be quite exhausting, but here's one way it can be fun. Write the numbers, letters, words, or shapes you're teaching on paper plates and have the kids throw them across the room like Frisbees when they get an answer right.

5. Clean the silk off fresh corn

If you hate picking the silk off a freshly shucked ear of corn, a paper towel can help. Dampen one and run it over the ear of corn. The towel will absorb the silk and the corn will be ready for the crockpot or grill.

6. Keep your vegetables fresh longer 

Don't you hate it when you open the crisper in the fridge and find last week's moldy carrots mixed in with the now-yellow lettuce? Make sure your vegetables last long enough for you to eat them. Line your vegetable bin with paper towels. They absorb the moisture that causes your fruits and vegetables to rot. It also makes it easier to clean up the vegetable drawer.

7. Make a snowman decoration 

When the cold wind blows and cabin fever is at its peak, paper plates are an inexpensive and creative option for kids. You can use them to make masks, mobiles and decorations. To make a cute winter snowman, use two paper plates. Cut off the edge of one plate to make it smaller. Staple the smaller plate to the larger plate to make a head and body. Make boots and a hat out of black construction paper and mittens out of red paper and glue them on. Decorate the face with googly eyes, buttons, and pipe cleaners, or paint on some facial features with crayons or markers.

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