8 Ways to Use a Paper Clip Around the House

Blossom Lady
Dec 06, 2022 08:57 AM
8 Ways to Use a Paper Clip Around the House

You might call them paper clips, but did you know they've a lot of uses outside of the office? Everyone has paper clips lying around, but few of us ever think to use them to solve everyday problems. Today, we're going to tell you about some of our favorite uses for paper clips that you're sure to love. Read on to discover a whole new set of uses for your paperclips - you'll be amazed!

1. Use them as hooks for hanging
Paper clips make great impromptu hooks. Are you making a hanging ceramic board? Stick a large, sturdy paper clip on the back before the clay hardens.

2. Use it as a zipper pull
Don't throw away your jacket or diary just because the zipper pull is broken. Twist a small paper clip open enough to put through the hole. Twist it closed and zip it up! For an even more decorative look, thread beads onto the paper clip or glue on sequins.

3. Hold the end of the clear tape in place
If you have a roll of clear tape without a dispenser, don't go crazy trying to find and lift the end of the tape. Just stick a paper clip under the end the next time you use the roll.

4. Make a bookmark
paper clips make great bookmarks because they don't fall out. A piece of ribbon or colorful string that you attach to the clip makes it even easier to use and find.

5. Pit cherries
Need a seedless cherry for a recipe? Don't want to pit the cherry while you're eating it? Pit them with a paper clip! Unfold a clean paper clip in half over a bowl or sink and insert either the large or small end of the clip through the top, depending on the size of the cherry. Loosen the pit and pull it out. To pit cherries but leave the stems intact, poke the clamp through the bottom. Cherry juice stains, so be careful of your clothing.

6. Extend the chain of a ceiling fan
Set aside the stepladder and call it a day with your ballet routine while you try to reach a broken or too-short ceiling fan chain if your ceiling fan comes with one. To lengthen the chain, simply attach a chain of paper clips to its end.

7. Keep flowers in place
Want to decorate a stylish bouquet of flowers for a friend or your own home? Metal floral wire can be expensive. If you don't regularly arrange flowers, you don't necessarily need to invest in this wire. Unwind some paper clips and you can use them to attach flower stems.

8. Use a paper clip to open an envelope
There's no need to invest in a letter opener if you have a paper clip lying around. Bend the metal open and slide it under the paper and along the envelope to open it without unsightly tears.

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