9 Smart Uses Of Salt For Non-Toxic Cleaning Purposes

Blossom Lady
Nov 26, 2022 04:01 PM
9 Smart Uses Of Salt For Non-Toxic Cleaning Purposes

In how many ways can you use salt? I can think of no other mineral that's so versatile. The use of salt to preserve food was one of the early cornerstones of civilization (preservation reduced dependence on seasonal foods and provided food for long distance travel). However, salt was very difficult to obtain. Today, thanks to modern production methods, salt is the most abundant and readily available non-metallic mineral in the world; in fact, the supply of salt is inexhaustible. You can use any type of salt for cleaning purposes. In case you're wondering, Epsom salt is a different animal altogether: magnesium sulfate, to be exact (a salt that I think is basically a miracle). Here are just a few of the many ways you can put salt to good use in your home.

1. Clean drains

Periodically pour salt mixed with hot water into the kitchen sink to deodorize it and prevent grease buildup.

2. Remove water rings

Gently rub a thin paste of salt and vegetable oil on the white stains on wooden tables caused by beverage glasses and hot dishes.

3. Clean greasy pans

Cast iron frying pans can be cleaned with a good pinch of salt and paper towels.

4. Clean dirty cups

Mix salt with a dab of dishwashing liquid to make a gentle scrub for stubborn coffee and tea stains.

5. Clean refrigerators

A mixture of salt and soda water can be used to wipe out and deodorize the inside of your refrigerator - a great way to keep chemical cleaners away from your food.

6. Clean brass or copper

Mix equal parts of salt, flour and vinegar to make a paste and rub it onto the metal. Let the paste sit for an hour, clean it with a soft cloth or brush, and polish it off with a dry cloth.

7. Clean rust

Mix salt and cream of tartar with just enough water to make a paste. Rub it on the rust, let it dry, brush it off and polish it with a dry, soft cloth. You can also use the same method with a mixture of salt and lemon.

8. Clean a glass coffee pot

Every waitress's favorite tip: Put salt and ice cubes in a coffee pot, swirl it vigorously and rinse. The salt scrubs the bottom, and the ice provides more agitation for better scrubbing.

9. Combat spilled wine

If your tipsy aunt spills her wine on the cotton or linen tablecloth, blot as much as you can and immediately cover it with a pile of salt, which will help loosen any remaining wine from the fiber. After eating, soak the tablecloth in cold water for thirty minutes before putting it in the wash. (Works for clothing, too)

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