7 Tips to Clean Laminate Floors

Blossom Lady
Nov 26, 2022 03:37 PM
7 Tips to Clean Laminate Floors

When was the last time you deep cleaned your laminate floors? This type of flooring looks fantastic in modern homes and provides the look of hardwood with less effort and cost. However, if you leave these floors too long, they can look dirty in no time. The truth is, many of us neglect this important household task. If this applies to you, it's time you learned how to clean laminate floors like a pro. Whether it's been a week or six months since you last paid attention to your flooring, we have the solution for you. With the 'little and often' technique, you can ensure your floors look like new all year long. In this quick guide, you'll learn the best way to clean a laminate floor in 7 easy steps. Here you will find everything you need to know.

1. Wipe up stains immediately

Let us talk about stains first. Whether you spill red wine on the floorboards or drop some food, you need to act fast. If you leave these stains too long, they could stain your laminate floor forever. If you spill something, you need to get a mop and clean it up. You can use general floor mops that you can find in most stores.

Be careful with large amounts of liquids! For example, if you spill an entire glass of water on a laminate floor, it could be a problem. These types of floors are known for being very absorbent. If you let the water sit on top of it, it will soak into the material underneath the plank flooring. If that happens, you could have a problem with warping.

2. Clean your laminate floor every month

How often do you clean your laminate flooring? Most people tend to leave this task for months at a time. If that's the case, you need to change your habits. Before we get into how best to clean your laminate floor, remember to do this task regularly. As a golden rule, you should clean laminate floors every month. This way, you'll keep track of it and keep it shining like new.

3. Avoid using too much water

When you clean your laminate floor, there is one thing you should remember. You should not use too much water. While the old saying goes that you can pour a bucket of warm water on laminate, this is simply not true. As we mentioned earlier, this type of floor is very absorbent. This means that you should not use too much water on it, or you could risk damage. Also, remember that when cleaning laminate floors, you need to do it differently than hardwood floors!

4. Use a scraper mop

To solve this very problem, you should use a mop. This mop will allow you to squeeze out all the moisture before you start cleaning your laminate floor. You will find that the way you clean the floor will improve significantly. While there are many different types of mops available, look for one that is high quality and easy to use. It is worth paying a little more for this item that you will use again and again.

With your mop, you should have no problem mopping laminate flooring. Simply dip the head of the mop into your cleaning solution (we will get to that in a minute!) and then squeeze out the excess. After that, you can use the mop directly on your laminate floors to clean them thoroughly.

5. Use some of the pink stuff

Next, let us take a moment to talk about a cleaning solution you should use. If you are looking for an excellent all-purpose cleaner for your laminate flooring, you should definitely check out this product. The Pink Stuff all-purpose floor cleaner is the answer. You can use it directly on laminate and hardwood floors to get the results you want. The product removes grease and dirt that has accumulated over time.

The 100% natural cleaner is suitable for all types of floors. Try it out with a mop and see if it works. When you are looking for the best way to clean laminate floors, it's always wise to use a cleaning product you can trust. You can not go wrong here!

6. Dry your laminate floors quickly

When you are done cleaning your laminate flooring, make sure you dry it quickly. You can use a clean microfiber cloth (or a mop - if you have one!) to do this. You should never let this type of floor dry naturally. If you do, the edges may warp. For best results, dry the floor as soon as possible.

7. Use ice to remove candle wax

Do you have wax on your floors? If you have dropped some candle wax, you may be wondering how to remove it. First of all, do not panic. We have all been in a situation like this before. You are not alone. Get a pack of ice from the freezer and place it directly on the spot. The plan is to freeze the wax so it becomes extra hard and breaks off. After doing this for a few minutes, take a plastic scraper and carefully remove the wax from the laminate floor. Clean as described above.

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