7 Brilliant Uses for Dryer Sheets

Blossom Lady
Nov 12, 2022 09:19 AM
7 Brilliant Uses for Dryer Sheets

You've probably guessed that dryer sheets can be used for some clever cleaning tasks, but you may not know that there are a whole host of other ways they can make your life (and even your dog's life!) easier. From pest control to removing nail polish, you'll want to stock up on dryer sheets because they can be used for so many things.

1. Get rid of dirt stains from sunglasses.
After a fun day at the beach, your favorite sunglasses are covered in dirt stains and fingerprints. Don't use a paper tissue, which will leave a trail of lint, but wipe the glasses with a used dryer sheet instead. The woven material removes grease and grime without scratching the glasses. Bonus: Storing the sheet in your purse will also keep it fresh!

2. Sweep up pills effortlessly.
You accidentally spilled flour on the countertop while mixing up batter for pancakes. Instead of sweeping the mess away with a paper towel that can't absorb all the powder, use a dryer sheet. The cloth's tightly woven fibers will catch all the fine particles and make them instantly clean.

3. Calm your dog's storm anxiety.
Thunderstorms make your poor dog shake and tremble with fear. But it's not just the lightning and loud crashes that make his nerves fray. It turns out that the static electricity in the air settles in his fur. To calm your puppy ASAP, try rubbing his fur with a dryer sheet. This will neutralize the static charge in his fur and he'll calm down in seconds.

4. Remove stubborn glittery polish.
That glittery manicure you treated yourself to for that end-of-summer picnic was a hit, but now the glittery polish won't come off. Here's what can help: Dab nail polish remover on a dryer sheet and wipe your nails with it. The rough texture of the polish makes it easy to peel off the stubborn glitter.

5. Let shoe odor evaporate overnight.
After getting caught in a rainstorm, your trusty sneakers smell a little funny. To the rescue: place a dryer sheet in the toe of each shoe and let it sit overnight. The sheets' porous fibers absorb moisture and odors. The result: in the morning the sneakers are fresh again!

6. Protect outdoor garbage cans from pests.
Lately, raccoons and other nocturnal animals have been rummaging through your outdoor garbage cans, leaving a smelly mess for you to clean up. To stop them from wreaking havoc, reach for Epsom salt. Simply sprinkle four to five tablespoons of the salt around and over the trash. All it takes is a taste of the mineral, and the pests will go elsewhere to find food.

7. Paint deck spindles.
If the spindles on your deck need a fresh coat of paint, skip the brush. Instead, put on a latex glove and pull on an old, clean sock. Dip the sock in the paint and then rub your hand over each spindle. This way they'll be painted in half the time, and your hand will stay clean!

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May 18, 2023 09:33 AM

These are amazing… I'm a bit confused how #7 is another use for dryer sheets lol, but I am very happy to now know it!!! I was also wondering if #2 was supposed to be titled Clean up pills effortlessly? I will use all 7 of these, Thank you for enlightening me