8 Uses of Old Newspapers at Home

Blossom Lady
Oct 28, 2022 08:20 AM
8 Uses of Old Newspapers at Home

Reading the morning newspaper is a relaxing ritual for many people, but unfortunately, this habit results in the waste of a lot of paper. Rather than simply tossing your old newspapers in the garbage pail we have created this list of 8 other useful ways to reuse newspapers around the house.

1. Store sweaters and blankets

Don’t treat moths to a fine meal of your homemade or pricey woolen sweaters and blankets. When putting them into storage, wrap your woolens in a few sheets of newspaper (be sure to tape up the corners). It will keep away the moths and keep out dust and dirt.

2. Clean and polish your windows

If you’re like most people, you probably use a lot of paper towels for drying off your freshly washed windows. Did you know that crumpled-up newspaper dries and polishes windows even better than paper towels? And it’s a lot cheaper, too.

3. Encase your glassware for moving

Are you relocating or packing items for long-term storage? Use several sheets of soaking-wet newspapers to wrap up your glass dishes, bowls, drinking glasses, and other fragile items, then let them thoroughly dry before packing. The newspaper will harden and form a protective cast around the glass that will dramatically improve its chances of surviving the move without breaking.

4. Deodorize luggage and containers

Do you have a plastic container or wooden box with a persistent, unpleasant odor? Stuff in a few sheets of crumpled newspaper and seal it closed for three or four days. You can also use this technique to deodorize trunks and suitcases, using more newspaper, of course.

5. Dry wet shoes

If your shoes get soaking wet, stuff them with dry, balled-up newspaper to prevent any long-term damage. Place the shoes on their sides at room temperature so the moisture can be absorbed. For severe sogginess, replace the stuffing a few times.

6. Make an impromptu ironing board

If you usually pack a travel iron—just in case you end up in a motel that doesn’t provide irons and ironing boards—it’s a cinch to make your own on-the-road ironing board. Simply fill a pillowcase with a short stack of newspapers, keeping it as level as possible. Place it on a countertop or the floor and get pressing.

7. Create an emergency splint

If someone you’re with takes a nasty fall—and you think there may be a bone injury to an arm or leg—it’s important to immobilize the limb to prevent pain and additional damage. Fashion a makeshift splint by folding up several sheets of newspaper until stiff and attach it beneath the limb using a few pieces of adhesive tape. You may need to overlap a couple of folded sheets to make a splint long enough for a leg injury.

8. Remove oven residue

They may call it a self-cleaning oven, but when it’s finished cleaning, you always have to contend with mopping off that ashlike residue. Don’t waste a roll of paper towels on the flaky stuff. Clean it up with a few sheets of moistened, crumpled newspaper.

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