7 Ways to Re-use Old Flip Flops

Blossom Lady
Sep 16, 2022 07:28 AM
7 Ways to Re-use Old Flip Flops

Unfortunately or fortunately the Flip Flop is the basic footwear for much of the world. Everyday hundreds if not thousands of non- biodegradable plastic shoes wash up on the beaches, ponds and lakes around the world. The best thing you can do for the environment is make them last as long as possible. Try some of the following reuse ideas to keep those non-biodegradable Flip Flops out of landfills.

1. Use for packing or stuffing

Recycled flip-flops make excellent material for packing breakable items. Place them as is on the top and bottom of a box or shred them and use like styrofoam peanuts. They can also be shredded for stuffing in cushions.

2. Remove pet hair

Slip a flip-flop on your hand and rub carpets and rugs in the direction of the pile. Pet hair will form into balls that can then be vacuumed up. This works well on upholstery, too, including car seats.

3. Keep a door opened

Cut a wedge of rubber from an old flip-flop and use it to keep a door in the open position on a breezy day.

4. Make a bathtub boat

Keep the kids amused at bathtime by putting those old flip-flops to good use. Remove the side straps and carefully pull out the toe holder. Make a sail out of colored paper and attach it to a small dowel or pencil. Use a hot-glue gun to seal the dowel into the hole. “anchors aweigh!”

5. Reduce shake, rattle, and roll

Every time the washer is on the spin cycle it sounds like an earthquake. To bring peace to the laundry room, place a few pieces of old flip-flops along the sides or under appliances like washing machines and dryers to help quell those noisy vibrations.

6. Prevent rattling windows

Can’t sleep whenever the wind blows? If your older-style windows rattle in their frames whenever it’s windy, cut slivers of rubber from an old flip-flop and wedge them between the window and the frame.

7. Keep furniture steady

Stop the wobbles in a wonky table by cutting a piece of an old flip-flop to the shape of the offending leg and gluing it underneath.

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