7 Beauty Tips with Lemons

Blossom Lady
Sep 08, 2022 08:27 AM
7 Beauty Tips with Lemons

1. Lighten blemishes: If you have some blemishes or you notice your face darkening in pigment in some spots, put some lemon juice on it every day until it lightens.

2. Brighten fingernails: Soak your fingernails in a lemon water mixture to whiten and brighten them.

3. Feet-odor remover: Rub lemons on your feet to remove the odor and the acids will help to exfoliate as well.

4. Sneaker refresher: Dump some lemon peels into your sneakers to make them smell good again.

5. Face mask: The citrus in lemons are a natural exfoliant and brightener for the skin, which means the lemon fruit a great ingredient for any DIY face mask. Combine lemon juice, yogurt, and honey for an amazing mask that will leave your skin looking and feeling so good.

6. Soaps: Toss lemon rinds into DIY soaps to brighten them up with a yellow coloring and as an added disinfectant. It will also leave your hands smelling great!

7. Air freshener: Use lemon rinds or a lemon juice and water concoction to make any place smell fresh. We also recommend this recipe for an air freshener and reed diffuser that uses lemon rinds.

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