Garden Hacks: Make a Self-Watering Planter

Blossom Lady
Aug 19, 2020 04:12 AM

So, how to make a self-watering planter for your home garden?

What you’ll need:

Empty 2 liter soda bottles (or whichever size you choose to use)


Cotton string, twine, or even strips of a cut up t-shirt (just make sure it is cotton so that it properly absorbs the water)


Plastic wrap

Herb seedlings or seeds (of your choice)



Step 1

Rinse a 2-liter soda bottle, remove the label. Cut a bottle in two, with the neck bit shorter than the bottom bit.

Step 3

Turn neck part upside down into base. Cut a length of string to reach through the neck to the bottle’s base (6-inch strands are perfect).

Step 3

Puncture a 1/2-inch hole into a square of plastic wrap.

Step 4

Thread the twine wick through the plastic wrap hole.

Step 5

Wrap the plastic over the neck of the bottle.

Step 6

With the neck of the bottle facing down, fill one-third of the way with soil.

Step 7

Spread out the strings and plant the herb seedlings or seeds.

Step 8

Fill in any gaps with more soil.

Step 9

Add water to the base of bottle.

Step 10

Place the neck of the bottle into the base, so the twine wick can absorb the water.

Step 11

Keep the self-watering planter in an area with plenty of sunlight. Add more water to the base of the planter when you see it needs refilling.

That's it! This simple handmade planter will keep your herbs hydrated and blooming all year long.

Hope you'll try to make one at home! Or maybe you use such planter already? Tell me!

Some of your herbs and indoor plants need water every day while others can go a week without watering. Either way, you always have to water them regularly, which can take up time out of your day that you don’t necessarily have. Wouldn’t it be nice if a planter could water your houseplants for you?

Garden Hacks: Make a Self-Watering Planter

Well, you don't need to buy any special equipment, instead I’d like to show you how to make your own self-watering herb garden.

It doesn’t matter if you are the forgetful type, travel a lot, or just want to be more time efficient, self-watering herb gardens not only save you time, but cost next to nothing to create as well.

Garden Hacks: Make a Self-Watering Planter

Of course, you can find self-watering planters in your local plant stores, but you will be paying up to $50 for something you can create with items you may already have on hand! Most supplies can be found in your household and will take under 10 minutes to make. And you don’t need to worry about the watering routine, while some herb plants need more water than others. They will take as much water as they need! Awesome!
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