7 Smart Storage Hacks

Blossom Lady
Aug 30, 2022 08:25 AM
7 Smart Storage Hacks

No matter how big your house is, it will always feel a bit cluttered and untidy unless you get things organized. But with these simple ideas, you can find spaces for possessions with items you might never have thought of. Explore some helpful storage solutions that will make life in your apartment so much more enjoyable!

1. Neatly store wrapping paper in a garment bag.

Wrapping paper comes in handy on the occasional birthdays and during the holiday seasons—but throughout the rest of the year, it simply serves to make your house look messy. Simplykeep all of her wrapping papers and ribbons in garment bags for easy storage. It’s super easy to fill and store.

2. Store your styling tools in a magazine rack.

Those wire magazine racks store styling tools just as well as they store magazines. If you have a bunch of curling irons and hair straighteners lying around, use a few of these office organizers to keep your tools in one convenient place.

3. Turn magazine holders into space-saving storage.

If you're looking to store miscellaneous supplies but hate the messy look of plastic bins, try using a magazine holder instead. Wire mesh and canvas magazine holders are the perfect size to keep your smaller goods in order while making them easy to find.

4. Store Your Shoes in Clear Plastic Boxes

Want to make your closet easier to manage in an instant? Instead of using a bulky rack or unattractive over-the-door shoe organizer, store your shoes in clear boxes. This will keep your shoes neatly organized and make it easy to find your favorite pair in a hurry.

5. Use a Magnetic Rack to Hold Kitchen Utensils

Even if you're living in a massive home, counter space always seems to be at a premium. One easy solution is to take those utensils that would otherwise clutter up your counter or drawers (we're looking at you, spatulas), and hang them from a magnetic rack adhered to your wall.

6. Hang Towel Bars to Organize Scarves and Belts

If you're constantly digging through the same tangled pile of belts and scarves, you're not alone. The good news? Using an inexpensive towel bar can help you keep those accessories organized while clearing up a ton of space in your closet or drawer.

7. Use Mason Jars to Contain Your Sewing Kit

Sticking your hand into a messy oversized sewing bag is about as fun as, well, sticking your hand into a bag of needles. Fortunately, you can quickly make space by storing your sewing essentials in a Mason jar instead—bonus points for attaching a pin cushion to the top to store those pins and needles that would otherwise jab you.

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