7 Kitchen Storage Hacks

Blossom Lady
Aug 09, 2022 07:23 AM
7 Kitchen Storage Hacks

Maximize your storage at home with these handy tips and tricks.

Let these simple hacks inspire you to find more space and storage in your kitchen than you could've ever imagined! Enjoy!

Hang Fruits and Vegetables in Baskets

Clear off some space on your counter or in your fridge by installing a fruit basket in your kitchen instead. Not only will this provide you with a lot of extra functional space, it will actually save some of your products: bananas, avocados, and citrus fruits should not be stored in the fridge, anyway.

Hang Your Mugs from Hooks

It happens to all of us: you start out with one mug and suddenly, your collection of coffee cups and mugs has exploded, occupying massive amounts of limited cabinet space. To reclaim the room your mugs once occupied, add some hooks to the bottom of your cabinets and you'll have tons more room in a minute.

Screw hooks under shelving

Screwing unobtrusive hooks onto the under-side of wall-mounted shelves will double up your kitchen storage space. Hang beautiful mugs or large utensils. Measure and mark out the exact space between each hook for a consistent and streamlined look.

Use Letter Holders to Store Your Cutting Boards

That pile of cutting boards cluttering up your cabinet can be organized in a snap with just one simple item: a magazine holder. Try to store your cutting boards in one and they'll be far easier to find—and less likely to suddenly rain down on you, when you open your cabinet.

Use a Magnetic Spice Rack

We all tend to use spices every day, for almost every meal, but many of us keep them ineffectively stored in a cabinet. Eventually, they take up a lot of space and are difficult to find. Instead, use a wall-mounted magnetic rack and all your favorite spices will be easy to spot without cluttering up otherwise usable space.

Clear Counter Space With a Hanging Pot Rack

Pots and pans, being essential for any home cook, tend to take up a huge amount of space in any kitchen. To reclaim some of those drawers and cabinets, you can install an overhead rack instead. This will clear up loads of space and make it way easier to find the pot you need within a minute.

Turn plinths into draws

Kickboards give kitchens a smart finish but they are also hiding huge storage potential underneath the units. Buy ready-made draws with plinth fronts and runners to match your kitchen style or make your own as a woodworking project.

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sarah taylor
Sep 28, 2022 03:39 AM

I liked the spice rack. My kitchen is very small, and I really want some more space. I already have a multi-tier cutlery drawer installed. But my corner space is being wasted as my husband isn’t interested enough to turn it into a small cupboard for me. I hope, showing him this picture (or dropping a pan on his head) will make him help me. LOL!