7 Extraordinary Uses Of Chalk

Blossom Lady
Jul 31, 2022 02:54 AM
7 Extraordinary Uses Of Chalk

Commonly associated with classroom blackboards and sidewalk art, chalk can also be used to repel ants from invading your home, lift grease stains from clothes, prevent your tools from rusting, and hide your wall scrapes and nicks in a pinch.

To prevent mustiness in your closet, hang a bundle of chalk inside, which helps absorb moisture and keep humidity away. To stabilize your screwdriver before tightening screws, rub some chalk on the end so that your screwdriver will be less slippery.

1. Repel ants

The easiest way to keep ants at bay is by drawing a chalk line around home entry points. The ants will be repelled by the calcium carbonate in the chalk, which is actually made up of ground-up and compressed shells of marine animals. And you can scatter powdered chalk around garden plants to repel ants and slugs.

2. Polish metal and marble

To make metal shine like new, put some chalk dust on a damp cloth and wipe. (you can make chalk dust by pulverizing pieces of chalk.) Buff with a soft cloth for an even shinier finish. Wipe marble with a damp, soft cloth dipped in powdered chalk. Rinse with clear water and dry thoroughly.

3. Keep silver from tarnishing

You love serving friends with your fine silver, but polishing it before each use is another story. Put one or two pieces of chalk in the drawer with your good silver; it will absorb moisture and slow tarnishing. Put some in your jewelry box to delay tarnishing there, too.

4. Remove grease spots

Rub chalk on a grease spot on clothing or table linen and let it absorb the oil before you brush it off. If the stain lingers, rub chalk into it again before laundering. To get rid of ring-around-the-collar stains, mark the stains heavily with chalk before laundering. The chalk will absorb the oils that hold dirt in.

5. Reduce closet dampness

Tie a dozen pieces of chalk together and hang them up in a damp closet. The chalk will absorb moisture and help prevent mildew. Replace the chalk bundle with a new one every few months.

6. Hide ceiling marks

Temporarily cover up water or scuff marks on the ceiling until you have time to paint or make a permanent repair. Rub a stick of white chalk over the mark until it lightens or disappears.

7. Keep tools rust-free

You can eliminate moisture and prevent rust from invading your toolbox by simply putting a few pieces of chalk in the box. Your tools will be rust-free and so will the toolbox.

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