9 Extraordinary Uses of Bubble Wrap

Blossom Lady
Jul 15, 2022 12:11 PM
9 Extraordinary Uses of Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a great material for packing, but it has a lot of other, very practical uses. When you get a box with bubble wrap in it, resist the urge to pop it all for stress relief! Instead, stash it away to use in one of the following genius ways.

1. Prevent toilet-tank condensation

If your toilet tank sweats in warm, humid weather, bubble wrap could be just the right antiperspirant. Lining the inside of the tank with bubble wrap will keep the outside of the tank from getting cold and causing condensation when it comes in contact with warm, moist air. To line the tank, shut off the supply valve under the tank and flush to drain the tank, then wipe the inside walls clean and dry. Use silicone sealant to glue appropriate-sized pieces of bubble wrap to the major flat surfaces.

2. Protect patio plants

You can keep your outdoor container plants warm and protected from winter frost damage, just by wrapping each container with bubble wrap. And use duct tape or string to hold the wrap in place. Make sure the wrap extends 1 to 2 inches (3 to 5 cm) above the lip of the container. The added insulation will also help keep the soil warm all winter long.

3. Keep soda cold

Wrap soft-drink cans with bubble wrap to keep beverages refreshingly cold on hot summer days. Do the same for packages of frozen or chilled picnic foods. Wrap ice cream just before you leave

For the picnic to help keep it firm en route.

4. Protect produce in the fridge

Line your refrigerator’s crisper drawer with bubble wrap to keep fruit and produce from bruising. Cleanup will be easier, too. When the lining gets dirty, just throw it out and replace with fresh bubble wrap.

5. Add insulation

In cold areas, cut window-sized pieces of wide bubble wrap and duct tape them to inside windows for added warmth and savings on fuel bills in winter. Lower the blinds to make it less noticeable.

6. Make a bedtime buffer

Keep cold air from creeping into your bed on a chilly night by placing a large sheet of bubble wrap between your bedspread or quilt and your top sheet. You’ll be surprised at how effective it is in keeping warm air in and cold air out.

7. Cushion your work surface

When repairing delicate glass or china, cover the work surface with bubble wrap to help prevent breakage.

8. Protect tools

You can reduce wear and tear on your good-quality household tools and extend their lives by lining your toolbox with bubble wrap. Use duct tape to hold it in place.

9. Cushion seats and benches

Take some bubble wrap with you to sports events to soften those hard stadium seats or benches. Or stretch a length along a picnic bench for more comfy dining.

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