8 Essential Laundry Room Organizing Tips

Blossom Lady
Jun 16, 2022 12:46 AM
8 Essential Laundry Room Organizing Tips

Many people would agree that washing, drying, and folding their laundry is one of the worst chores ever. And we get it: It's time-consuming and boring and often requires a level of forethought that always seems to elude us—really, who can remember to put a load in before you start binge-watching that show? But with the right tools to keep your space and stuff organized and stylish, doing laundry might not feel so tedious (or, at the very least, it will go much faster). Here are some awesome laundry organizer tools and ideas designed to streamline the process. Who knows? After implementing a few of these, you may even start to look forward to doing the laundry.

1. Many laundry rooms are equipped with wire shelving. Make the shelves work harder by attaching S-hooks to the underside of them. Hang cleaning tools from the hooks to make use of every inch of space.

2. Create a laundry room “stain station” by placing tools such as a bleach pen, stain gel, and a small brush on a lazy Susan. Spin the wheel and grab what you need!

3. Label each section of your laundry sorter with the type of wash it should contain. This way the entire family knows exactly where to put dirty clothing.

4. Place containers to assist with frequently repeated tasks on a shelf in your laundry room. These might include a bin for items to be repaired, a container for coins, a caddy with items to treat stains, and a box for lost socks.

5. Have a designated spot for items to use for clothing repair, such as scissors, thread, needle, and patches so they’re easy to find.

6. Create a clever drying rack inside a spare drawer in your laundry room. Take the bottom off the drawer and attach a rod inside. When you need to air-dry or hang something, pull out the drawer and use the hidden drying space below.

7. Socks in various colors and patterns are fun, but consider purchasing packs of the same colored socks in bulk to make matching a cinch. Designate one pattern/color per person in your household and you’ll find that putting them away takes less time because you’ll instantly be able to match them together and know to whom they belong.

8. If you use your laundry room as a place to store cleaning supplies, put them in a caddy with a handle so you’ll be able to tote them from room to room. Having all your cleaning materials in one spot saves time, money, and space.

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