Kitchen Tool Tips

Blossom Lady
Jun 02, 2022 09:16 AM
Kitchen Tool Tips

Setting up a new kitchen? Trying to pare down an overload of gadgets? Check out our guide to what you'll actually use in the kitchen. Extend the life of your trusty cookware and utensils by following these simple guidelines.

1. The Sharper The Better

When purchasing kitchen knives, choose the sharpest. It's actually safer and quicker to cut using very sharp knives.

2. Not Just For Eggs

Use an egg slicer to slice other tender foods, such as mushrooms, avocados, and kiwis.

3. Best Burner

Make sure to choose the best burner for the pan size and meal you are cooking. Your food will cook more efficiently and you’ll save energy too.

4. Pan Particulars

When cooking large meats in the oven, be careful to choose a sturdy pan with handles. A flimsy pan may mean a meal on the floor rather than on the dinner table.

5. Cast Iron Seasoning

To season a cast iron pan, first wash it with hot, soapy water. Scrub using a stiff brush, rinse and dry completely. With a folded paper towel, put a light, even coating of oil around the inside and outside of the pan. Heat the pan on the top oven rack at 350 degrees F for an hour. Allow it to cool inside the oven. Place aluminum foil on the bottom rack for oily drips.

6. Clean Can Openers

Can opener blades can get dirty and harbor germs. Scrub blades often using an old toothbrush.

7. Under Pressure

For best nutrient retention, the best cooking method is pressure cooking (about 90% of them). Boiling retains the fewest nutrients (about 40%).

8. Hold The Water

Pressure cookers need very little water. About one cup of water or liquid should be enough, but check your recipe or manual to be certain.

9. Nice & Warm

Want warm plates for a dinner party? Sprinkle with just a little water and place them in the microwave for about 30 seconds. They’ll come out slightly warm for serving.

10. Safer Mixing

Place a damp, folded kitchen towel under the mixing bowl. This will reduce sliding and improve safety and efficiency.

11. Clean Grater

To clean your grater easily, rub a small amount of cooking oil on it before use. Cheeses and other sticky ingredients will wash right off.

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