10 Simple Storage Solutions

Blossom Lady
Apr 24, 2022 06:54 PM
10 Simple Storage Solutions

Cupboards, closets, dressers and shelves can easily become dusty and messy. Organize your belongings in a neat and decorative way with functional furniture and a system that will help you create order out of chaos.

Back in the day, people got by with a lot less space. Granted, they probably had fewer belongings, but even today it is possible to organize storage to make better use of the space you have.

1. Store clean cashmere and sweaters in plastic bags with zippers to avoid moth infestation.

2. Rolling carts allow you to store various items in an organized manner. A tool cart is a classic example - it can be rolled out of its niche when needed.

3. Magazine racks are also practical - just do not forget to empty them regularly.

4. Put up a pegboard with hooks to keep workshop tools neatly stored. Traced and painted outlines of the tools make organization easier.

5. Hooks are ideal for kitchen utensils, and magnetic strips are good for knives.

6. Sturdy plastic boxes are good for storing general household items.

7. Paper clutter on countertops are a constant problem, from bills to school notices. Keep an expandable file folder in the kitchen with sections for important categories. Stow it out of sight when not in use.

8. Store all your instruction manuals in a box or binder in the kitchen.

9. Keep toys in clear, stackable containers that are clearly labeled. This way, kids can easily put them away themselves and favorite toys will not get buried at the bottom of a big box.

10. Store bath toys in a mesh bag and hang it from the faucet or shower head until it is completely empty.

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Feb 15, 2023 08:59 PM

By using something like command hooks to support curtain rods you can hang items up on «s» hooks, to free up drawer & shelf space in kitchens.  And not have to dig through to find measuring cups, spoons & other frequently used items.

Or hang items fron tension rods under sinks or in empty spaces in cabinets.