9 Smart Uses for Toothpicks

Blossom Lady
Apr 24, 2022 06:23 PM
9 Smart Uses for Toothpicks

Think toothpicks are only good for picking teeth or checking cakes? Think differently. Check out these toothpick tricks in the kitchen, home, and garden! You may think you know toothpicks, but you are probably underestimating their potential. Sure, it's great for brushing teeth, but it can do so much more! Just like these surprising uses for magic erasers, baby powder, and eggshells, toothpicks have secret talents you'll wish you knew about before. Chances are you have a box of toothpicks lying around your home collecting dust. Give your teeth a break and check out these other clever uses for toothpicks. Now is the time to get them out and give them new life - you'll be glad you did.

1. Keep pots from boiling over
We have all done it before: you turn the stove on high, walk away, and before you know it, water is boiling over the edge of your pot. Avoid a messy stovetop by sticking a toothpick flat between the lid and the pot. This small gap allows steam to escape, preventing the pot from boiling over. This tip can save lives as well as kitchens!

2. Control the use of your salad dressing.
Never pour half a bottle of dressing on your salad again! Instead, leave the foil cap of a brand new bottle in place and poke holes in it with a toothpick. You'll prevent a dressing avalanche, keep the dressing longer, and save a few calories too!

3. Microwave potatoes faster
The next time you make a baked potato, give it toothpick legs. Insert four toothpicks into one side. This will suspend the potato and allow it to cook much faster because the bottom, top and sides are exposed.

4. Clean your phone
If dirt, dust, or grime gets between the keys of your phone or keyboard, dip a toothpick in alcohol and run it over the area. You can also use this trick in any hard-to-reach crack or crevice.

5. Light candles more easily
Do not burn your fingers trying to light the hard-to-reach wick of a candle. Instead, light a wooden toothpick and use it to reach the burnt wick. Amazing, is not it?

6. Mark the beginning of a roll of tape.
Finding the beginning of a roll of tape is a waste of time, not to mention frustrating. Next time you cut a piece of tape, wrap the end around a toothpick when you are done.

7. Touch up paint
The secret to a good paint touch-up is to use as little as possible, which is why toothpicks work perfectly. Dip the end of a toothpick into the paint and dab it on where you need it. Unlike a paintbrush, you will not apply more paint than you need, and you will not have to clean a brush.

8. Cook sausages evenly
It can be difficult to cook sausages evenly if they roll back and forth. Connect pairs of sausages with toothpicks. This will keep them in place and make them easier to flip.

9. Keep track of garlic in a marinade.
When marinating foods with garlic cloves, stick a toothpick through the clove, so you can easily remove it when you are ready to serve it.

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