Twelve 5-Minute Simple Cleaning Hacks

Blossom Lady
Aug 02, 2020 06:47 AM

I have always wondered no matter how pedantic I am towards cleaning house, I can never do as good of a job as the professionals. Does it sound familiar? Well, I decided to compile the list of the best tips and hacks I ever tried to make the cleaning routine easier than ever. Step by step, implementing these simple solutions one after another, we all will become the cleaning superheroes.

These easy cleaning tips and tricks will help you tidy up your home, workspace, bathroom, and any other area with no stress. Discover another portion of effective and helpful solutions! Ready, set, clean!

Remove Furniture Marks From Carpet

Where furniture has made indented marks on carpets, move the furniture and place ice cubes on the marks. Leave the ice to melt, and often it will help lift and remove the marks / indents.

Stains And Spills On Carpets

Stains and spills on carpets should always be attended to as quickly as possible.

Never scrub these spills but blot up the liquid with cloth or paper towels.

Pour a little soda water over the spill as the bubbles in the water should help bring more of the spill to the surface of the carpet to allow you to blot up more of it.

Removing Pet Hair From Upholstery

Use a chamois leather cloth and dampen the cloth before wringing out as tightly as possible.

Rub the cloth across the fabric gently and you should find the pet hair will gather into strips which will allow for easy remove as you move the cloth across the furniture.

Cleaning Ceramic Floor Tiles

First use warm soapy water to clean the tiles and then dry using a towel or cloth. Then using a mixture of half white vinegar and half warm water, clean your ceramic floor tiles. This will bring back the shine to the tiles. To remove stubborn stains use a cream cleaner.

Cleaning Fiberglass / Acrylic Baths

Using a soft cloth apply washing up liquid to the surface of the bath. Rinse the bath and then dry with a towel to help avoid watermarks and leave it clean and shiny.

Cleaning Enamel Baths

For stubborn stains use a mixture of salt and lemon juice. Alternatively use a paste of bicarbonate of soda, and leave either on the stains for one hour then wipe off and rinse.

Spills On Cookers

If you spill something on your cooker while cooking, pour salt on the spill as quickly as possible. This will absorb the spill. Once the cooking is over and the area has cooled clean away the spill much easier by mopping up the salt.

Removing Lime Scale From Taps

To remove lime scale from chrome taps (solid ones not plated ones) use half a lemon and rub it over the surface of the tap and leave it for a few minutes. Leave it for a few minutes and then rinse well. Lemon is a natural corrosive so use it carefully, but for highly scaled taps repeat the above as needed till clean.

Cleaning Out Clogged Drains

If you have a clogged drain try the following – half a cup of baking soda mixed with half a cup of white vinegar. Pour down the sink and leave for around ten minutes.  After this time flush the drain with hot water. This should help to unclog drains.

Cleaning Ceramic Stained Sinks

Stained and discolored ceramic sinks can be bought back to whiteness by the use of bleach. Fill the sink with one cup approximately of bleach and then fill with cold water. Leave to soak and this should clean away staining.

Freshening A Mattress

To freshen up a mattress remove all the bedding, and sprinkle with bicarbonate of soda. Leave the soda on the mattress for several hours, and then vacuum them off, this should remove many smells.

Cleaning Venetian Blinds

One of the simplest ways to clean the dust off Venetian blinds is rather than using a duster wearing a pair of cotton gloves instead run your finger along the slates to remove the dust.

That’s it! Turns out, that simple things can make life easier. Do you have any of your own hacks or tips to add?

Twelve 5-Minute Simple Cleaning Hacks
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