7 Arts-And-Crafts Hacks

Blossom Lady
Feb 21, 2022 06:33 AM
7 Arts-And-Crafts Hacks

If you are an arty type, then you will own all kinds of stuff that gets tangled easily, lost, broken, blunt. I’m not really selling the creative hobbies here, am i? I’ve got the answers for some of your arts-and-crafts questions. Don’t worry about losing the end of your tape, or where your ribbons have attached themselves to, discover some simple tips & solutions.

1. Ribbon hack

7 Arts-And-Crafts Hacks
Ribbon enthusiasts, this is a perfect hack for you. Like me, you will collect large amounts of ribbon. I am artistically talented and creating ribbon collages and wrapping presents professionally are just some of my favorite pastimes.
By using a plastic basket and two dowel rods you’ll be able to store them, knot-free and on a reel. Simply slide on your ribbon wheels along the dowel rod, thread the ribbon through the gaps in the plastic basket, and then slot the dowel rod into the basket too. That way the ribbon can be easily pulled through when creating masterpieces and kept safe when not.

2. Egg carton sewing kit

7 Arts-And-Crafts Hacks
There has been an emergency. A repair needs to be made to my favorite fringe vest. I reach for the sewing stuff but the exact shade of thread is knotted up with the red, and the sewing needles are nowhere to be seen. The fringe vest had to be thrown away as it has now unraveled beyond repair. To stop this from ever happening again i came up with a nifty sewing box idea.
To keep your sewing equipment all in one place, you will just need an egg carton. Use some of the compartments to create little pillows for pins, needles, and buttons (using a scrap of fabric wrapped around some padding and glued in place). Use the rest to store thread, thimbles, and measuring tape. Close the lid shut and put the kit away until the next emergency.

3. Tape tag

7 Arts-And-Crafts Hacks
Do you spend hours trying to find the end of your duct tape? Frustrating, isn’t it? Even when you do find it, you virtually rip off a fingernail trying to peel the darn stuff back. Preserve your manicure with this simple trick. You know those colored plastic tabs you get on bagged loaves of bread? Don’t throw the tabs away. Attach one to the end of your duct tape or masking tape and you’ll be able to locate the end in a nanosecond, leaving you more time to enjoy duct-taping the side-view mirror back on!

4. Cutting-edge technology

7 Arts-And-Crafts Hacks
The title makes this hack sound like it’s high tech, but it really isn’t. It’s a quick and easy way to sharpen your blunt scissors.
Simply fold up a few layers of aluminium foil and cut through it several times. Each time a dull pair of scissors is cut through the foil the blades will sharpen. You can now trim your nose hair (and perform other related household cutting jobs) with ease!

5. Fluffy-sock protector

7 Arts-And-Crafts Hacks
Perhaps you own a vast collection of ming vases or a huge number of glass miniatures, or maybe you’ve inherited a family of china cats that you can’t stand the sight of but you want to keep for sentimental reasons, then you need this hack.
Simply place your precious china and glass figurines in individual fluffy socks and put them in a safe place or a box out of sight!

6. Thumb saver part one

7 Arts-And-Crafts Hacks
How to solve the age-old problem of hitting your thumb while hammering? Easy-peasy–in fact, so easy that there are two solutions.
To avoid blackening your thumbs, use a clothespin to hold the nail in place before you strike it. Then you can thrash away with your hammer until the nail is firmly in place.
Caution: this hack will not help you if your aim is so bad that it bends the nail, in which case use a screw or buy a nail gun. On second thought, if your aim is that bad, don’t buy a nail gun.

7. Thumb saver part two

7 Arts-And-Crafts Hacks
The second way of solving this problem is for those without access to a clothespin. (how do you people dry your clothes?!) Simply take a comb and hold the nail in place by wedging it between two of the teeth. Don’t tell me you don’t comb your hair either?
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Cathy Tatro
Jun 01, 2022 04:56 PM

These hacks are great!!! Keep 'em comin',please!!