8 Simple Repurpose Ideas

Blossom Lady
Feb 17, 2022 07:33 AM
8 Simple Repurpose Ideas

The key to finding items to upcycle and repurpose is to think outside the box. You probably have things in your own home that aren’t being used currently and can be converted to a new use. Look at different items and ask yourself how else you can use them. There’s no limit or rules on how to do it.

I always love taking an unused item and finding a new way to use it. It’s a great way to save money and have some unique, sustainable, and interesting items in your home. Today I’m sharing with you 8 of my favorite repurposed and upcycled projects from my home. Most are very easy and only require simple tools and skills.

1. Cheese Grater = Pencil Cup

8 Simple Repurpose Ideas
Have an unused cheese grater taking up space in your kitchen cabinet? Flip it over and use it as a pencil holder in your craft room or home office.

2. Egg Carton = Thread Organizer

8 Simple Repurpose Ideas
Leftover embroidery floss, thread or yarn nestle perfectly inside a repurposed egg carton. Paint the carton a bright hue to liven up your craft space.

3. Magazine File = Gift Bag Storage

8 Simple Repurpose Ideas
Repurpose a few magazine files to get your gift bag stash in order. Label the files by holiday or event so you can easily find the perfect bag for any occasion.

4. Paper Towel Holder = Ribbon Stand

8 Simple Repurpose Ideas
Organize an unruly ribbon collection by stacking them on a standing paper towel holder. The spools spin around the stand, so I can quickly pull out the amount I want and snip," she says.

5. Egg Carton = Christmas Ornament Storage

8 Simple Repurpose Ideas
Hang onto your egg cartons this holiday season — they’re perfect for keeping small, round ornaments safe when it’s time to take the Christmas tree down.

6. Window Boxes = Spray Paint Holders

8 Simple Repurpose Ideas
Plastic window planters make great storage containers for spray paint, allowing you to see every color at a glance. Mount them to the garage wall and fill them up with paint cans.

7. Filing Cabinet = Garden Tool Rack

8 Simple Repurpose Ideas
If that old filing cabinet is just collecting dust in your home office, turn it into a storage system for your garden tools. PVC pipes create designated spots for larger tools, while pegboard sides offer storage for smaller tools and gloves.

8. Baby Crib = Bike Rack

8 Simple Repurpose Ideas
When your child outgrows his or her crib, use the rails to create a DIY bike rack with bonus storage for helmets, bike locks and other gear.
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