7 Ideas for Repurposing Everyday Household Items

Blossom Lady
Feb 09, 2022 07:32 AM
7 Ideas for Repurposing Everyday Household Items

Most environmentally conscious people are aware of the basics of eco-friendly living: waste, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle, and rot. By keeping these things in mind when choosing products for your home, you are making a significant contribution to reducing your environmental footprint on the planet. You can apply these principles to almost any item in your home, but sometimes it's hard to find a way. If you find that some of the following products are lying around your home, here are 9 ideas for reusing everyday items that you probably have not thought of yet!

1. Butter wrappers

7 Ideas for Repurposing Everyday Household Items
Save the wrappers from your butter sticks! Store them in a container or Ziploc bag and take one out to grease your cookie sheets and pans instead of using cooking spray.

2. Razors.

7 Ideas for Repurposing Everyday Household Items
According to EPA, about 2 billion disposable razors end up in our landfills each year. Do your part to reduce this by extending the shelf life of your razors. Rinse your razor after each use and give it a quick blow dry with a hair dryer. A dry razor will stay sharper longer and will not rust, so you can get up to twice as many shaves with each blade. When your razor is past its prime, use it to shave pills out of your sweaters.

3. Vegetable bags

7 Ideas for Repurposing Everyday Household Items
Fill these nylon mesh vegetable bags with natural fibers and fabrics like cotton and wool and hang them from a tree to provide great nesting material for birds. You can also put things like string, absorbent cotton, feathers and animal hair inside.

4. Shower curtains

7 Ideas for Repurposing Everyday Household Items
Whether you are updating your bathroom decor or you have a shower curtain that has seen better days, that old shower curtain is still of great use. Shower curtains are a great way to think outside the box when it comes to reusing household items. They can be used as table coverings for picnic tables or as a cover when painting. In the winter, you can save scratching your windows by cutting the curtain to size and placing it on your windshield overnight. Pull it off in the morning and your windshield is instantly clear.

5. Old t-shirts

7 Ideas for Repurposing Everyday Household Items
There are an estimated 13 million tons of clothing in our nation's landfills. A staggering amount of donated clothing ends up there as well. Instead of throwing away old T-shirts, you can reuse them. Cut the fabric into squares the size of baby wipes to make reusable cleaning cloths and dryer sheets. You can also cut the sleeves and neck out of the shirt and cut strips at the bottom hem and tie them together to make reusable shopping bags.

6. CD spindles and cassette sleeves.

7 Ideas for Repurposing Everyday Household Items
Reuse old cassette sleeves and CD spindles to store coiled cables and make clever gift card holders. Make a decorative insert and place it in the cassette with a gift card. This will save you the expensive greeting card and wrap your gift in a unique and memorable way.

7. Cardboard beverage carton

7 Ideas for Repurposing Everyday Household Items
The cardboard box that holds a four or six pack of your favorite beverage can also be used as a handy condiment container for your next picnic or outing. Decorate it with scrapbook paper or paint it and store tomato sauce, mustard, cutlery, napkins, etc. in the individual compartments.
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