6 Awesome Hacks to Keep Your Bathroom Organized

Blossom Lady
Feb 08, 2022 08:18 AM
6 Awesome Hacks to Keep Your Bathroom Organized

No doubt, the importance of organization in time management is crucial. Only when you are organized are you able to utilize your day optimally. Whenever you are able to accomplish your routine tasks ahead of time, you are left with time you can spend learning new things. Today I’d like to share with you 6 awesome hacks to keep your bathroom organized. The idea is to reinstate your bathroom into its clean and tidy state immediately after use. That way, you will not have to set special time aside to attend to it. So, you will love it every time you enter your bathroom, and you will have enough time in your hands to do other more important chores in a relaxed manner. That means you will be able to give those other chores your full attention, and you are bound to do them efficiently because they are now fewer.

1. After you are through with your bath, do not let the feel-good aura lead you to carelessness. So, if you do not wish to put your towel out to dry, just throw it into your laundry. That ensures that your towel does not become a sore sight in your bathroom.

2. Collect all those small items that you have used to make yourself look good for the world, and return them to their rightful places. Since taking a bath and tidying yourself up is a daily routine, you know where each piece of item – the comb, the hair brush, your hair lotion and all else – is supposed to be, like the back of your hand. So it will take you barely a minute to save your bathroom from clutter to tidiness.

3. Save your shower place from scum by spraying it with some daily cleaner before you leave. That way, no soap scum will be glued to your otherwise clean floor; and you will not need to do heavy scrubbing when next you come to use the shower.

4. Quickly collect any hair that may have fallen off while doing your combing, and wipe off any toothpaste or oils that may have touched any bathroom surfaces. How do you do it fast enough as not to get late for work? That is easy: you just spray the same daily cleaner to the affected areas and do a fast swipe. That way, you are leaving no work for next time; you actually reinstate your bathroom to its clean and tidy state immediately after use.

5. This is the ideal time to wipe off the little mess that gets onto your bathroom mirror as you clean and tidy yourself. You do not want to ignore that just because it is a splutter of soap here and there. If you do, the next time you use the bathroom, the mess will increase and you will have more to handle.

6. Reinstate the toilet seat as it is supposed to be, of course, after wiping it clean. Wipe the toilet handle at the same time. These small details, once attended to immediately, do not become tasks to put on your day’s schedule.

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