7 Clever Recycling Storage Ideas

Blossom Lady
Dec 23, 2021 06:11 AM
7 Clever Recycling Storage Ideas

Why just throw away your old products and household items when you can recycle or upcycle them? Sure, you can drop them off at a charity store. But it sure is more fun to take everything apart and make something new and amazing out of it, do not you think? Or you could even consider salvaging spare parts. So take a look at these 7 ideas for storing recycled materials.

1. Cabinet Organizer

7 Clever Recycling Storage Ideas
With beautiful cabinets comes a necessity to do them justice by keeping them organized. Your kitchen or bathroom cabinets deserve the best, and organizing the contents is the way to go.
This DIY cabinet organizer should help you with that task. Depending on what you want to store, you can customize the shape and size.
This one works particularly well as an under-the-sink organizer. The design allows you to stick the organizer to the back of the door or the cabinets, too.

2. Desk Magazine Organizer

7 Clever Recycling Storage Ideas
There are times when it feels like your magazines are all over the place, and nothing—not your efforts to stack them or dumping them in a box—can keep them organized. This desk magazine organizer is exactly what you need to get rid of any visible mess on your desktop.
Made from a plain old cardboard box, this organizer is super cost-effective and easy to make, too. You can turn an empty cereal box into this gorgeous magazine holder.
Pick up a roll of wrapping paper of your choice or self-adhesive wrapping paper, a pair of scissors, a ruler, and a pencil.

3. Upcycled Hanging Bucket Storage

7 Clever Recycling Storage Ideas
If you’ve ever bought one of those big tubs of yogurt, you’ll have realized just how handy those tubs can be. They’re just big enough to use as hanging storage containers.
But before they’re ready to be hung up, they deserve a little bit of a makeover, don’t you think? First, clean, rinse, and dry your tub thoroughly.
Next, you’re going to pick out some pretty printed napkins to decoupage over the tubs.

4. Garden Tool Storage

7 Clever Recycling Storage Ideas
As every avid gardener will tell you, your tools might be digging into the dirt and getting all dirty, but they still need to be stored away properly. You don’t want a shovel or rake lying around somewhere for you to trip on and get hurt.
Organizing all your garden tools helps you declutter and makes said tools accessible. You’ll need an old mailbox for this project, as well as outdoor spray paint, mod podge, floral napkins, paintbrushes, and a post hole digger like this.
You’ll also need some fabric to line the inside of the box. Start off by thoroughly cleaning your mailbox and making sure it dries completely before proceeding.

5. Recycled Batteries Container

7 Clever Recycling Storage Ideas
I can’t stress the importance of recycling old batteries. It’s not safe to just dump them in your garbage and leave it at that. Batteries contain toxic chemicals that can be pretty harmful if not disposed of carefully.
So, you need to store them in a proper container till you’re ready to recycle them. This adorable battery box is sure to encourage the habit of recycling your batteries.
You’ll need a Cricut machine, vinyl, transfer tape, and, for your container, you can use an empty wet wipes-type container.

6. Recycle Bottled Organizers

7 Clever Recycling Storage Ideas
You know how you just dump your used Pepsi or Coke bottles in the recycling bin? I have the perfect DIY project for you to use those bottles in. Or at least the bottom of the bottles.
You can use a craft knife to cut out the base of these bottles. With a few strips of washi tape, you’re going to turn these cutouts into recycled bottle organizers.
They’re absolutely perfect for stashing all your paper clips, staples, sticky notes, and more.

7. Pool Essentials Storage

7 Clever Recycling Storage Ideas
When you’re a proud pet owner, then there’s a good chance you buy kibbles and pet food in bulk. They usually come in those large bins, don’t they? Wash and dry the container thoroughly before you repurpose it to store all your pool essentials and toys. The size and all that storage space will make this the perfect container to serve this purpose. It’s even large enough to hold your beach towels and a beach ball or two!
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