8 Awesome Uses For Plastic Bags

Blossom Lady
Dec 11, 2021 03:20 AM
8 Awesome Uses For Plastic Bags

If you go shopping often, you probably have a lot of plastic bags lying around at home. Plastic bags are much more useful than you think. They are not just for picking up dog poop or serving as makeshift trash bags.

Today, I want to share with you some of the best uses for plastic bags that you would not necessarily expect. So before you throw them away, try one of these easy ways to reuse them. You can recycle them and save money on other household items. My family saves all the plastic bags we bought at the grocery store. We all know that they are not good for the environment, so we can use them as much as possible.

1. Transporting plants

8 Awesome Uses For Plastic Bags
If you want to transplant your plants and are looking for a way to protect the roots while you transport them, put them in plastic bags. You can even put some soil and water in the bags to keep the plants from wilting or suffering shock during transport.

2. Knee Covers

8 Awesome Uses For Plastic Bags
If you like to spend a lot of time outside gardening, your jeans or pants probably get pretty dirty. Keep some plastic bags on hand and put them over your pants to help protect them and keep them clean. This may also make the work a little more comfortable.

3. Fill In Gaps

8 Awesome Uses For Plastic Bags
If you have gaps around your air conditioner or pipes and need to block them off, you can use plastic bags to fill in the spaces. They help keep out the wind and even water to some extent. They can be used for short periods of time and replaced with new bags or something else later.

4. Protect Car Mirrors From Ice

8 Awesome Uses For Plastic Bags
There’s nothing worse than having your mirrors freeze over in the winter. Even if you get your windows thawed, the defrost doesn’t work on the mirrors. Put bags over your mirrors, and you can prevent the ice from sticking to them. Just take the bags off when you are ready to drive.

5. Apply Furniture Polish

8 Awesome Uses For Plastic Bags
Putting polish on your wooden furniture can be difficult and messy, but when you use plastic bags to apply it, it’s much easier. The plastic bags not only work well to apply it but also make cleanup easier. Just toss the bags away when you are finished.

6. Stuffed Animals

8 Awesome Uses For Plastic Bags
If you have a stuffed animal that needs to be re-stuffed, instead of using filling, just use plastic bags. For smaller animals, you can cut up the bags, so they will fit inside the animals easier.

7. Keep Wiper Blades From Freezing

8 Awesome Uses For Plastic Bags
In the winter, your windshield wipers can freeze and stop working. The best way to protect them and your windows is to wrap your blades in plastic bags the night before a big snow or ice storm or even during the day when the car isn’t being used. The bags keep the ice from freezing to the blades. Just remember to remove the bags when you ready to drive the vehicle.

8. Roll Out Dough

8 Awesome Uses For Plastic Bags
When you roll out dough, it tends to stick to the counter, but if you put down some plastic bags, you can roll the dough out and it won’t stick. When you are done, just toss the bags with your dough scraps and extra flour, or you can store the dough in a bag for later.
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Jan 27, 2022 11:21 PM

Give carrier bags to Charity shops as this will help to keep down their costs.