9 Ways To Get Rid of Dust in Your Home

Blossom Lady
Oct 21, 2021 05:57 AM
9 Ways To Get Rid of Dust in Your Home

The never-ending dust nuisance is a problem for everyone. Especially for those who suffer from sinus problems or are allergic to dust. The inconvenience of a stuffy, runny nose and watery eyes can be a real pain. Dust accumulates quickly, so we should all dust regularly. However, it's not a pleasant task. No one wants to get up every day with the same dusting routine! So here are some helpful solutions to get rid of dust in your home.

1. Do not forget the ceiling!

9 Ways To Get Rid of Dust in Your Home
Have you taken a look at your ceiling lately? If you take a look, you will probably see some unpleasant things. Cobwebs and dusty vents can easily go unnoticed, but they need to be taken care of.
Believe it or not, dust particles fall on you frequently. All you need is a ladder and a soft brush to plug into your vacuum cleaner. If that's not an option for you, tie a microfiber cloth around your broom with a rubber band and start dusting!

2. Purchase an air purifier

9 Ways To Get Rid of Dust in Your Home
You can not go wrong with a magic air purifier. These days, we spend more time than ever in our homes, so the air we breathe in should be purified. The pesky dust floating in the air can be detrimental to your health and should be eliminated.
Invest in an air purifier that can trap 99.97% of the dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria in your space. When you own an air purifier, you will have fresh air, clear lungs, and unclog sinuses.

3. Implement the no shoes rule.

9 Ways To Get Rid of Dust in Your Home
Most people have made it a habit to wipe their feet on the doormat before entering a house. It is even more effective to remove your shoes completely. Wherever you go, your shoes will always pick up dirt and harbor bacteria. When you take your shoes off, you prevent germs from outside from entering your home. This is especially important if you have small children crawling around.

4 Use doormats at all entrances.

9 Ways To Get Rid of Dust in Your Home
One way to prevent excessive dust and dirt from entering your home is to have a mat at every entrance. Go to the store and get a welcome mat for your front door.
Everyone needs one to catch the dirt outside before guests enter your home. You can also put another mat on the inside once you enter. The leftover dirt now gets a big surprise! Be sure to keep dust and dirt on the mat!

5. Beat your carpets

9 Ways To Get Rid of Dust in Your Home
Carpets trap dust like it's their job, because it is! The fibers of the carpet trap the dust, and every time you walk on it, dust is picked up and released. Give your carpets a good shake out several times a week. You can also use your broom to knock out the dust every time you sweep. It is ideal to wash your carpets every week.

6. Clean the window coverings

9 Ways To Get Rid of Dust in Your Home
Curtains and blinds accumulate excess dust if they have not been cleaned in a while. They attract dust from the outside and inside. Check to see if your curtains can be machine washed or if they need to be dry cleaned. Then get to work washing or cleaning them.
It is best to use a microfiber cloth to wipe down blinds, as they are very dust-binding. You can either wipe them dry or use a damp cloth for more stubborn dust.

7. Close the windows

9 Ways To Get Rid of Dust in Your Home
There is nothing better than sweet, vibrant fresh air. But with that fresh air comes dust particles and pollen. Keeping your windows closed will not remove all the dust, but it will keep out the pollen that triggers allergies in some people.

8. Mop hardwood floors frequently.

9 Ways To Get Rid of Dust in Your Home
All floors contain dust. Hardwood floors are no exception. You will not hesitate to keep the dust in place. As you walk through the different rooms of your home each day, dust particles rise and spread across your skin and furniture. Do not forget to clean those hard-to-reach places underneath the furniture, too.
Some people do not like to move items around and clean, so dust accumulates under your things over time. If possible, mop and vacuum at least twice a week. Sweeping is only an inadequate means of picking up all the dust particles. You need to mop to get sparkling clean floors!

9. Wash your pillows regularly

9 Ways To Get Rid of Dust in Your Home
What you may not have known: Your pillows are teeming with dust mites! Their dead skin is a prime target for them. Hundreds of them can survive in one gram of dust because they are so tiny.
Dust mites are invisible to the eye, so you will not even notice them. You can get rid of these critters by washing your pillows regularly!
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