8 Over-Cleaning Habits to Get Rid Of

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Oct 18, 2021 05:30 AM
8 Over-Cleaning Habits to Get Rid Of

1. Spray dust repellent directly on the furniture.

8 Over-Cleaning Habits to Get Rid Of
To get beautiful, shiny and dust-free furniture, spraying excessive amounts of dusting agents directly is not the answer. The result is a film-like buildup that is difficult to remove.
Rather, spray a cloth and gently wipe down your furniture. If you prefer to spray your furniture, do so lightly. After you have dusted, buff the furniture and then wipe away any residue with a clean cloth.

2. Soften rough towels with extra fabric softener.

8 Over-Cleaning Habits to Get Rid Of
Trying to soften already rough towels will not work. If you keep applying the same solution over and over and get the same undesirable result, you should get off of it. It's the extra fabric softener that's making your towels feel so rough.

The heavy pour not only ruins the towels, but also wastes the fabric softener. So use the recommended diluted amount and save your towels from feeling greasy, stiff and scratchy.

3. Wash your clothes after every wear

8 Over-Cleaning Habits to Get Rid Of
It is recommended that we wear some of our clothes at least three times before washing them, with the exception of sportswear. Washing and drying too often will cause your clothes to fade and damage the fabric.
Soon, it starts to fray and you are forced to buy new clothes. In order to save money during tight budgets and uncertain times, many people cut back on waste. So make sure your clothes last a long time!

4. Excessive water on wooden floors

8 Over-Cleaning Habits to Get Rid Of
We always want our floors to look sparkling clean, but there's no need to overdo it. Soaking your wood floors can damage them beyond repair. They can swell and warp, ruining your investment! In this case, remember that less is more in the long run.

5. Hasty wiping of counters

8 Over-Cleaning Habits to Get Rid Of
You should clean your surfaces daily, especially during the pandemic. But do not rush the process! You want your home to look shiny and attractive, so proper polishing is a must.

Otherwise, the film left behind will make your surface look dull and drab. Also, if you rush your finish, you may leave germs behind that you will infect yourself and others with.

6. Vacuum hair with the vacuum cleaner

8 Over-Cleaning Habits to Get Rid Of
Although vacuuming is the easiest way to get rid of your hair, it's not the best thing for your vacuum cleaner. The long strands can get caught in the brush roll of the vacuum cleaner.

However, you can use your vacuum cleaner to get rid of pet hair around the house. Dog and cat hair all over the house is not a pretty sight. Luckily, the vacuum cleaner can handle it.

7. Extra detergent for the dishwasher

8 Over-Cleaning Habits to Get Rid Of
Your extra dirty dishes will not get any cleaner with extra soap. They will do more harm than good to your dishes because too much soap can leave stains, soap film, and residue.

The same is true if you wash fewer dishes - use less detergent to avoid the same problems. The excess detergent can remain in your dishwasher and the same film can develop into mold.

8. Cleaning the mirror for every fingerprint

8 Over-Cleaning Habits to Get Rid Of
Of course, you should clean your mirror. A dirty mirror in a home detracts from the cozy atmosphere of the room. And nothing is more disgusting than trying to find a clean spot on a dirty mirror to look at yourself.
But do not go after every fingerprint with your cleaning product! Too much detergent or moisture can strip the mirror's protective layer, which will stain over time. And if the protective layer is gone, you run the risk of the mirror falling out and breaking.
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