7 Different and Easy Ways to Clean Your Glass Stove

Blossom Lady
Oct 01, 2021 08:08 AM
7 Different and Easy Ways to Clean Your Glass Stove

Glass stoves are a great kitchen appliance, both for their sleek, modern design and for their ease of use. They are more practical than a traditional stove and much easier to clean. But over time, dirt, grime and burnt food can build up. That's why I set out to find the easiest and best ways to clean your glass stove. These are really time and money saving and will definitely make your life more convenient. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

1. Place a hot towel over the baking soda.
All you need to make a homemade soft scrub cleaner is baking soda and a warm towel. Sprinkle some baking soda on your stovetop, take your warm towel and place it over it. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then wipe it off and voila, a beautiful and clean glass stove!

2. For the most stubborn stains.
Combine hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and baking soda to make stove top cleaner. With these three ingredients, your glass stove will be clean and looking shiny and new in no time!

3. Remove burnt-on food stains with a toothpaste.
Try a toothpaste with baking soda! It is a great way to remove burnt-on food stains. Gently rub the paste with an old toothbrush and let it sit for 15 minutes. Wipe with a cloth afterwards and voila, your stovetop will be super clean.

4. Clean your glass stove top with cola
Okay, this tip sounds silly and weird, but pouring Coke on your stovetop is a really good idea. The corrosive acids in the cola will break down the stains.

5. Wax your stovetop for easy cleaning
Apply car wax to your stovetop and wipe it down with paper towels. Future spills - no matter how encrusted - can be wiped off in a snap.

6. Rub a dry potato over your glass stovetop
To clean your glass stove with an uncooked potato, cut it in half and rub the potato slices over the stains in a circular motion. If the end of the potato becomes slippery, cut off a newly cut end. The potato has enough moisture and contains oxalic acid, which helps to easily loosen the stains.

7. Use a razor blade scraper.
Remove the dirt on your glass stove with a razor scraper. Remember, however, that razor blades are small and difficult to handle. So be extremely careful if you are not wearing gloves. 

If you are tired of buying cleaners that are not suitable for your glass stove, then you should try these proven cleaning tips. They are handy, really easy to do, and the results you get are just fantastic. Apply these tips to your next cleaning and let me know what you think.

If you have any questions about these easy ways to clean your glass stove, comment below. I'd love to help you out.

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Oct 03, 2021 11:05 AM

Will you please tell me the ratio of baking soda, dish soap and peroxide to use? I would like to try this remedy. 

I was making corn on the cob and I use a combination of milk, water, and sugar to boil the corn. The solution boiled over and now my glass top oven has burned stains on the top. Please help?  Thank you in advance.


Oct 03, 2021 11:10 AM

Hello, thank  you for all your crochet tips.  I am making a granny square afghan and I was reaching for my ensure drink when it dropped and spilled into my bag of yarn. Now, both large skeins of Red Heart Super Saver have dried Ensure on them. I soaked them in the sink for a day and a half and yet, they still feel crunchy. Can you help me with this problem? 

This item was a gift for a loved ones birthday in November. Is there any way you can offer a solution for me?