Fitted Sheet Simple & Practical Tips

Blossom Lady
Sep 21, 2021 07:30 AM
Fitted Sheet Simple & Practical Tips

Raise your hand if you've ever put off switching your bedding because of the dreaded fitted sheet. It always seems to take multiple failed attempts to figure out which side is the long one and don't even get us started on the frustration that is picking the wrong direction and having the corner snap up in your face. Besides keeping your sheets on the bed, these tricks will also help to keep your sheets perfectly tight and wrinkle free. So here are a few of my favorite hacks to make sure you’re not waking up on top of your foam mattress while your sheets are bunched up by your feet.

How To Properly Fold A Fitted Sheet

There seem to be polarizing opinions on how to fold a fitted sheet. You have your folders and you have your ballers. The truth is, there really is only one way to fold a fitted sheet so that it lays flat. Once you learn these simple steps you’ll never go back. Folding them properly takes about one minute tops and ensures your linens are neat, less wrinkled, and easy to take out one at a time when needed.

What you’ll need

Fitted sheet

Flat surface (such as a bed)


1. While standing up, hold the sheet and find the two corners of the sheet on the long side. Place your hands as deep inside the elastic corners as they’ll go.

2. Bring your hands together as if you’re performing a gigantic clap until both palms are touching through the sheet.

3. Push one corner inside the other and gently shake until they lay flat.

4. Lay the sheet flat on the bed with the elastic corners toward the top, and then tuck the opposite two corners together. You now have a rectangle on the bed, folded in half with the elastic corners toward the top, tucked inside themselves, and lying flat.

5. Swipe your hands across the sheet to push out any wrinkles and make sure it’s flat, then fold up the bottom half to meet the top.

6. Wipe any wrinkles out again, and this time, fold in half sideways across the length. Then fold in half sideways one more time.

7. Finally, fold up from the bottom and you’ll have a perfectly flat and folded fitted sheet. Match it with the top sheet and put everything, including any additional pillowcases, inside the matching pillowcase so your entire sheet set is together and ready to use.

Keeping Sheets Tight DIY

If the suspenders you’re finding on Amazon just aren’t cutting it for you, you can make your own! All you need is some elastic and safety pins. We recommend your elastic be on the thicker side (about an inch thick or more) so that it’s nice and strong.

Measure out 6” down on either side, and clip your safety pins in place.

Then measure the hypotenuse (the line between the two safety pins, but we wanted to sound smart about it). This is how long your elastic will need to stretch, so cut it a bit shorter to allow it to stretch tight. You’re going to need four of them. One for each corner.

Then, to finish the job, simply lift up the edge of your mattress and secure the elastic with your safety pins on either side of the fitted sheet.

Put the top corners on first.

The corners that sit against your headboard are the hardest to stretch a fitted sheet over, especially if your sheet is really tight. Put the top corners on first, so it’s easier to stretch the bottom corners on. Then, make sure the pocket sits deep enough on your mattress.

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