10 Laundry Hacks

Blossom Lady
Sep 10, 2021 05:52 AM
10 Laundry Hacks

Want to know how to do laundry like a pro? Our essential laundry hacks guide will ensure you'll never get a laundry load wrong again. Everyone has searched for laundry hacks at one time or another: was it when you shrunk your favorite sweater, or perhaps you wanted to know how to make your towels nice and fluffy again? Discover some useful laundry hacks, tips, tricks, and, of course, some simple solutions for a laundry routine.

1. Dry clothes faster

While you put your clothes in the drier, also throw in a towel. The towel will soak in lots of moisture, thus allowing clothes to dry up faster. However, do take out that towel for next drying session lest it will throw back in sapped moisture.

2. Oh that stubborn chewing gum!

If you always somehow have chewing gum stuck on you dress, you can resolve this problem by putting some ice cubes on the dress. Soon the gum is going to solidify and thus you can scrape off easily.

3. Vertical storage

Stack your folded clothes vertically in drawers. This way, you can see them all and pick them out easily without having to disorganize the drawers.

4. String bed sheets

No need to rummage through linen cabinets every time you have to take out bed sheet. Store the folded sheet in one of the pillow covers. How intelligent!

5. Keeping black jeans always black

Repeated washing may soon turn your black jeans into grey. No more worries. Occasionally, add 2 to 3 cups of brewed coffee when rinsing and this will reduce the rate at which the jeans fade.

6. Linen folding made easier

Hang your bed sheets exactly over their middle line. Once they get dried off, it will be easier to pick them up and fold instantly. Lots of time will be saved this way.

7. Remove craft glue easily

After your kid has finished their craft homework comes your turn to clean the glue that is seen sticking all over their shirt sleeves and trousers. Completely cover the sticky glue with Vaseline and then scrap it off. Now clean the smeared Vaseline with dishwashing liquid.

8. Zero crinkles with zero effort

To make crinkles on fabric disappear within moment, spray water and lavender oil on them for a few minutes before wearing soon. The creases will disappear. This will save you the last minute hurry of ironing your clothes.

9. Brand tags

All the brand tags at the nape of shirts or other garments are irksome. Remove them gently with nail polish remover. They would be scrapped off easily.

10. No Hanger bumps on woollens

Do not hang woollens on the hangers as the normal shirts are hung. The weight of the woollen garment will create bumps on its shoulders. Here is a trick to solve this. Crisscross the arms of the woollens to be hung delicately (and in a balanced way) on the hanger. There would be no bumps.

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