10 Smart Uses For An Ordinary Rubber Band

Blossom Lady
Jul 10, 2021 10:07 PM
10 Smart Uses For An Ordinary Rubber Band

I love finding new and interesting uses for everyday items I have around the house. It makes me feel like my house is bursting with possibilities! Plus, it just makes financial sense to do more with what I already have instead of buying something new to get the job done. Today's post is a perfect example of an ordinary household item that is more than meets the eye. Discover 9 surprisingly useful things you can do with a humble rubber band. You will be surprised, but it is able to solve a whole range of problems around the house.

1. Prevent tea bag tags from falling into a cup.
If you use tea bags with a string and a tag, you'll know how frustrating it is when they fall into your cup and get completely soaked. Keep them outside your mug by putting a rubber band around them. So simple, yet so effective!

2. Prevent paint from dripping off your paintbrush.
If you're tackling some DIY projects this summer, stretch an extra-large rubber band over your paint container before you get to work. This will allow you to wipe excess paint off the brush.

3. Prevent the door from locking.
Prevent the door from locking by wrapping a large rubber band around the handles and placing it over the lock. This is a really useful tip if you have children or pets.

4. Open a stubborn nail polish bottle.

Get a good grip on the handle of a stubborn nail polish bottle by wrapping a rubber band around it. Don't think about throwing away a stuck bottle until you've tried this hack.

P.s This trick works for other bottles too.

5. Prevent apple slices from turning brown.
Do you have a picky eater who will only eat their fruit sliced?
You can prevent sliced apple pieces from turning brown by reassembling the apple and holding it together with rubber bands.

6. Alternative food staple
Out of food staples? No problem. Just roll down the wrapper and secure the bag with a rubber band - that way all your snacks will stay nice and fresh.

7. Keep slippery chopping boards in place
If you have a slippery cutting board, keep it in one place while you cut by attaching rubber bands to both sides.

8. Make your hangers non-slip.
I just love this genius tip. To keep flimsy or wide-necked clothes from falling off the hanger, wrap rubber bands around the ends. No more morning annoyance!

9. Use rubber bands as seam guides
Sewing can be tricky, especially if you're in a bit of a hurry. Help yourself be accurate and fast by wrapping a rubber band over the machine as a seam guide - it will keep you on track! I always use this trick when I crochet.

10. Keep books safe when travelling
If you like to carry a book around with you, don't forget to wrap a rubber band around it to protect the book from getting knocked open, and the pages bent, especially if it's a valuable book. It also serves as a bookmark - handy!

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Elinor Simmons
Oct 20, 2023 08:51 PM

Keep sheet sets together, fold the same way that they came out of the package and use a larger rubber band and they stack neatly in the linen closet,