Kitchen Hacks To Save Your Time

Blossom Lady
May 07, 2021 08:38 AM
Kitchen Hacks To Save Your Time

The kitchen is the room of a house that turns a living space into a home. It’s where you spend time with family, make new friends, and exercise your creativity. Kitchens should be enjoyed. However, there are times when the kitchen is a challenge. Whether you’re learning to cook a new dish or suddenly notice a smell in the microwave, it’s nice to have a few hacks up your sleeve. Here we go!

1. Use cheese wrappers.

Don’t throw all those unwanted cheese wrappers. They can come in handy in wrapping the leftover food bits, or you can even use them when baking cupcakes.

2. Make an instant salad dressing.

Take some edible herbs, vinegar and food oil. Add these to your mayonnaise jar along with preferred spices. Shake the jar really well to make some creamy and instant salad dressing.

3. Paper bags for onions and garlic.

Now allow the stock of onion and garlic bulbs to stay fresh and mold-free by storing them in perforated paper bags. The ventilation will retain their freshness.

4. Storing cut avocado.

Are you wondering how to store that half-remaining avocado you cut just now? Store the avocado alongside a cut onion, as its sulfur will prevent browning of the avocado piece. You can also sprinkle apple cider vinegar on avocado to prevent the exposed surface from rotting or browning.

5. Apples and potatoes can be good neighbors.

Store your apples and potatoes besides one another. Potatoes will be very happy in apples’ company, as the ethylene gas emitted by apples will prevent potatoes from gaining sprouts.

6. Cupcakes in cones. 

Bring an interesting twist to your cupcakes. Bake them directly in the ice cream cones. After they cool down, top them up with ice cream and have a double bonanza treat!

7. An Instantaneous hot chocolate drink.

If your chocolate topping jar has some leftover chocolate, add some warm milk to it and shake vigorously. You will have a tasty drink ready within seconds.

8. A way out for messy mangoes.

If you love mangoes but hate peeling them, get a glass to do this job for you. Take a sleep glass for peeling mango and your fingers will get respite from that sticky and messy feeling.

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1 comment
May 29, 2021 07:46 PM

What is a sleep glass as noted in hack #8?