8 Clever Uses of Plastic Wrap

Blossom Lady
May 06, 2021 02:21 AM
8 Clever Uses of Plastic Wrap

Plastic wrap is one of those things that everyone has in their kitchen pantry, yet is only used to cover half a sandwich, the occasional cup, and maybe half of an onion. But did you know that there are a ton of unexpected things you can do with them that go way beyond covering leftovers? Many of us have never thought how useful plastic wrap really is. Discover some clever ideas to use this simple plastic material.

Make Removable Labels

8 Clever Uses of Plastic Wrap
This is another handy trick for any piece of furniture or object that you need to label, but you don’t want to ruin the item. Sticky labels can be hard to remove, not to mention they can cause damage to different materials. Instead of putting an actual label or sticker, you can use plastic wrap to get the same thing done. So, if you’re organizing things like antiques, furniture, some large equipment, or anything else that you cannot put traditional labels on, just wrap them in some plastic wrap and write directly on that with a permanent marker. Since plastic wrap sticks to itself rather than the other objects, you can write on it and remove it when the label is no longer needed!

Unclog Your Toilet

8 Clever Uses of Plastic Wrap
Clogging and unclogging the toilet is something absolutely no one wants to deal with but something that is completely necessary and must be done! That said, any hack will make this unpleasant task better, right? Okay, so that’s where plastic wrap comes in. With the help of this fantastic product, you can eliminate the clogging in your toilet.To do it, wrap the surface of the bowl with the wrap and seal the edges with tape. Then you’ll flush down the water (the plastic should swell). Then you’ll need to push the film a few times. The accumulated air underneath the plastic will push the blockage into the sewer and voila! I bet that’s a trick you never even thought of before!

Protect Your Make-Up Bag

8 Clever Uses of Plastic Wrap
Ladies, this one is for you. It’s useful for anyone really who needs to bring their makeup with them on the road or when they travel. It’s especially helpful for liquid cosmetics, like foundation, moisturizer, or liquid blush. If you plan to take any liquid products on a trip with you, make sure to use some plastic wrap.If you’re worried that your products will leak, just cover the openings of the containers with the plastic wrap before closing the lids. This will protect the creams and oils from leaking. It will also protect your bag from getting all oily and gross. And it means you have your cosmetics in the same condition they were in before you packed them up.

Repair a Shattered Compact

8 Clever Uses of Plastic Wrap
We’ve all been there, right ladies? I mean, my compact at this moment is in a thousand little pieces! You drop your compact and pick it up to see a crumbled, unusable mess. But if you have some rubbing alcohol and plastic wrap, you can bring it back to life.
Add some drops of 70% rubbing alcohol to the broken makeup in the compact, and it soaks in. Wrap a plastic wrap tightly around the makeup so that it covers the opening, then you’ll use your fingers or the back of a spoon to smooth out the mixture into its original shape. (If it’s too dry, just add more alcohol as necessary.) Once it is smooth, let it dry and you’re good to go!

De-Cork Wine

8 Clever Uses of Plastic Wrap
Sometimes corked wine has a dank smell or taste. A good bottle of wine can go bad due to “cork taint,” a musty taste and smell that comes from high levels of the chemical trichloroanisole (TCA). While it’s not harmful, the flavor isn’t pleasant, and most people end up dumping the bottles down the drain. And that’s a shame!
So what you can do is pour the wine into a decanter or a large bowl, take a piece of plastic wrap, ball it up, and then add it to the decanter. Mix it around using a wooden spoon and let sit for 3 to 5 minutes. Remove the plastic ball, and there you go! The polyethylene in the plastic wrap absorbs the TCA which makes for better-tasting wine.

Briefly Protect Your Phone

8 Clever Uses of Plastic Wrap
You might have already heard the hack of sealing your phone in a sandwich bag to protect it from water. Well, just in case you don’t have any sandwich bags lying around in your kitchen, but you do have plastic wrap, then this hack will work just as well. It also lets you use your phone without it getting wet. But it’s only a temporary fix. Cut a long piece of plastic wrap and wrap it around your phone nice and tight. As long the phone doesn’t get overheated, you can still use the touch screen. The plastic wrap will shield your phone against sand and water droplets if you’re on the beach or from sauce and other food if you’re cooking at home.

Neatly roll out dough between two sheets of plastic wrap

8 Clever Uses of Plastic Wrap
Try this hack, and you won't have to wash your cutting board. For firm doughs (such as pie dough or some cookie doughs) you can roll them out between two pieces of plastic wrap to make clean up a breeze. Some people swear by using parchment paper, but the rigidness can sometimes make it a bit more difficult compared to plastic wrap.

Poach eggs in little pouches made out of plastic wrap

8 Clever Uses of Plastic Wrap
All you have to do is drop the pouches in boiling water and snip them open to serve. Just line a tiny cup with plastic wrap and lightly coat it in oil. Crack an egg into it, gather up the sides, twist it into a pouch, and tie it up. Drop the pouches directly in boiling water to cook 'em and just snip them open with scissors to serve — perfectly poached eggs without any hassle!
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May 17, 2021 01:27 PM

Some cool and useful ideas I never thought of before!