Hacks to Repurpose Your Mismatched Socks

Blossom Lady
May 05, 2021 09:40 PM
Hacks to Repurpose Your Mismatched Socks

As it turns out, missing socks can be a blessing in disguise. Losing socks is par for the course when you do laundry, but don't feel bad for that lone, pair-less sock — there are still plenty of uses for it in your daily life. So instead of tossing your old socks or wearing your mismatched pairs, discover some tricks to put these socks to use. You might even be glad the next time one mysteriously vanishes, leaving you with a spare.

Store tennis balls

Hacks to Repurpose Your Mismatched Socks
Keep old tennis balls or golf balls in a sock for easy access in the garage.

White board eraser

Hacks to Repurpose Your Mismatched Socks
We all know how gross and dirty dry-erase boards can get. Unfortunately, the erasers intended for whiteboards don’t usually work very well, and when they do, they have a pretty short life span. Well, this is a problem you no longer have to worry about. I got the perfect solution for you! All you need is an old sock. Replacing erasers with socks will change your life. This hack will save you time and money on dry board erasers that don’t last long. Not only is it a much more efficient method of cleaning, but you can throw it in the washing machine afterward and reuse it again and again.

Protect valuables while moving

Hacks to Repurpose Your Mismatched Socks
A simple sock can make a huge difference when you are moving or packing. When you’re moving, place valuables into old socks to protect them in transit. The sock will cushion your valuables and if they do happen to break, it will do a good job of containing the damage.

Game piece holder

Hacks to Repurpose Your Mismatched Socks
If you prefer board games over apps, this one is for you. Board games are super fun, but the pieces are so tiny, you can easily lose them. Fill socks with game pieces for board games like Yahtzee, Monopoly, and more and tie them at the end. You’ll never lose a set again.

Ice Pack Cover

Hacks to Repurpose Your Mismatched Socks
Whenever we get a bump or bruise, our first reaction is to put ice on it; it will cool off the injury and help reduce swellings. However, applying ice directly on a bruise can cause more harm than good. The last thing you want is an ice burn or frostbite.

Beverage Cozies

Hacks to Repurpose Your Mismatched Socks
Imagine leaving the house on a cold winter day with a nice hot coffee to keep you warm. The only problem is, the beverage can get so hot that it burns your hands. Sure, you can look for coffee cozies, but they are usually big and bulky. Plus, wouldn’t it be more fun to customize your own? Store safety goggles or glasses in a sock in the tool shed. Hang up the sock and keep the glasses in the sock when not in use to keep your work space organized and keep any dust or residue off glasses.

Preventative moth balls

Hacks to Repurpose Your Mismatched Socks
Place mothballs or moth crystals inside a clean sock and hang from the ceiling of your closet, place on a shelf, or store with winter clothes. To counteract the odor of the mothball, add a sock filled with potpourri.
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