7 Repurpose Ideas for Old Things

Blossom Lady
Apr 19, 2021 01:58 AM
7 Repurpose Ideas for Old Things

Learn how to make a grass seed broadcaster from plastic berry containers, how to make an easy paper towel roll storage. Discover how to make a curtain rod rack in the kitchen, how to use a paint stick to clean lint buildup, how to fix wobbly furniture with just a coin and glue, and more. Enjoy!

Grass Seed Broadcaster

7 Repurpose Ideas for Old Things
When it's time to clean out the refrigerator, be sure to save those plastic berry containers for repurposing ideas. You can toss the mushy raspberries, but wash and dry the container—it's perfect for spreading grass seed on your lawn!

Paper Towel Roll Bag Storage

7 Repurpose Ideas for Old Things
There are many uses for plastic grocery bags in the workshop. You can use them to seal up brushes and rollers during a painting project, so you don't have to wash so much stuff between coats. The point is, it's worth keeping a handful of plastic grocery bags on hand in the workshop, and here's a great tip for storing them: Stuff as many plastic grocery bags as possible into an empty paper towel roll. Then toss the roll in a drawer or cabinet. The cardboard tube keeps the bags contained, and it's easy to pull one out at a time when you need it.

DIY Curtain Rod Rack

7 Repurpose Ideas for Old Things
If you have space in an upper cabinet, try a DIY spice storage rack that uses a spring-tension curtain rod.

Paint Stick to Clean Lint Buildup

7 Repurpose Ideas for Old Things
Once in a while it's important to clean the area around your dryer's lint trap, as the screen doesn't always catch all of the debris. A paint stir stick with a clean rag wrapped around one end makes a great tool for this task.

Hot Glue Gun Uses: Fix Wobbly Furniture with a Penny

7 Repurpose Ideas for Old Things
You can fix a wobbly bench or table with your pocket change. Add a drop of hot glue to a coin and attach it to the problem area. The coin will act like a shim, leveling out the furniture piece.

Use Soft Socks to Clean Blinds

7 Repurpose Ideas for Old Things
The next time you need to clean your window blinds, use a sock on your hand! Your hand makes a perfect tool for reaching all of the nooks and crannies on the blinds, and the sock picks up dust wonderfully.

Organize Paperwork with a Pot Lid Holder

7 Repurpose Ideas for Old Things
Borrow from the kitchen! Use a kitchen pot lid stand to organize your desktop's most current paperwork. A simple wooden dowel style like this can easily be painted to match your décor. No desk space? Check out these inspiring built-in storage solutions.
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