10 Powerful Habits for Daily Life

Blossom Lady
Jun 30, 2020 01:02 AM

Whatever you want to achieve in life, the basis for success is almost always identifying, integrating and sticking to powerful habits, as they really keep you going. Try to implement these useful habits from the list below that will help you achieve goals, improve relationships with loved ones and live in harmony with yourself. 

Choose one habit at a time. Don’t overwhelm your brain and decrease your chances of success. Master one habit and then move onto the next one. Here we go!

1. Call your relatives once a week. For not to forget, set a reminder in your calendar. You may combine a conversation with some household chores.

2. Allocate one evening a week or part of the weekend to go out with beloved ones. For example, take a trip out of town, go to a concert, or play sports together. Such habit strengthens the relationships.

3. Try to meet new people every week. Get to know them and make new friends. Whatever makes sense for you right now to expand your network.

4. Think of creating a new daily morning routine. You may include yoga, meditation, breathing exercises to keep calm and some type of visualization to set your mind up for the new challenges.

5. Let go all the negative thoughts, fears and worries. Acknowledge them, decide on necessary actions ahead, plan those actions and let the thought go instead of ruminating for hours.

6. Make your bed every morning to create a sense of accomplishment right away.

7. Take your time for things that nourish your soul. Have great conversations with interesting people, watch a feel-good movie, read a good book, drink your favorite tea or coffee, paint or go for a walk.

8. Do not forget about brain fitness! Do mundane things differently to challenge your brain. Cook something new, take a different way to familiar places, brush your teeth with the other hand, try a new hobby…new things keep your brain happy!

9. Write in your bullet journal or diary every night. Keep a list of things to do tomorrow, write down things you are grateful for or simply thoughts and ideas of the day.

10. Declutter your space every week. Do not forget to clean up your living space, your phone (photos, messages, apps) and your computer (emails, home screen, trash) at the end of every week. A cluttered space is a cluttered mind!

10 Powerful Habits for Daily Life
Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash
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