Cleaning Tips: 11 Common Vacuuming Mistakes

Blossom Lady
Jun 29, 2020 07:30 AM

Vacuuming isn't rocket science, and a vacuum cleaner is essential to any cleaning program, but a little extra know-how can help you clean your home that much better.

Unfortunately, there are a number of common vacuuming mistakes that people tend to make. These vacuuming mistakes can reduce the effectiveness of your vacuum system, and may even lead to you damaging your vacuum cleaner. Here are just some of the most common mistakes people make with their vacuum cleaners, and how you can avoid them.

1. Do not touch the working brush

If during the cleaning process you need to turn the brush upside down to remove something, be sure to turn off the vacuum cleaner first. Vacuum cleaners are powerful enough, so be careful and not let it vacuum your hair or clothes. Children can even get minor injuries if they touch the working part with their fingers. Explain kids the basic safety rules and be careful yourself.

2. Do not use the wrong extension cord

Too often vacuum cleaners get used with extension cords that are not designed for them. Vacuum cleaners can be damaged and fire risk is increased when an improper extension cord is used. So it is better to check the instructions for your vacuum cleaner and choose the right one.

3. Do not pull the cord

Carrying a vacuum cleaner by the cord or pulling the cord out of the wall from a distance are big mistakes, too. ... Vacuum cleaners with damaged cords should never be used. The risk of electrocution or fire is just too high. Therefore, once a month, check whether everything is fine with the wire, and always remove the plug carefully only when the vacuum cleaner is turned off.

4. Avoid vacuuming liquids

Conventional vacuum cleaners are not designed for this. A small spill in the pantry might not seem like a big deal for your vacuum cleaner. However, liquids can easily cause the electrical components inside your vacuum to short-circuit. You also put yourself at risk of being electrocuted, so always be careful and do not vacuum water.

5. Do not vacuum hard and sharp objects

Hard and sharp objects can get stuck inside and cause serious damage. You might think that you already did this before and everything was fine, but it does not guarantee that the vacuum cleaner will not break next time. Better not take the risk and collect such things with your hands.

6. Cleaning powders and other loose substances with a household vacuum cleaner is a bad idea

Of course, a small amount of powder will not cause serious damage. But if you drop a can of baby powder on the floor, it is better to remove it with hands. Otherwise, the filter may clog, and then the motor will overheat. Solids can be handled by more powerful models of vacuum cleaners designed for the street. If you don’t have such a device, remove as much of the scattered with a rag as possible, and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the leftovers.

7. Never brush the wires

This is a big mistake, especially if the brush is rotating. It is designed to draw dust and dirt. If you touch the wires with a vacuum cleaner, you can damage their top layer, which can lead to a fire over time.

8. Avoid vacuuming in single direction

Vacuuming that way will not help with all the accumulated dirt. Move the brush in different directions to thoroughly clean one area, and only after that move on to the next place. This is especially important for areas where a lot of dust, dirt and debris accumulate.

9. Use different nozzles

To get the most out of your vacuum, use different attachments. They are produced to make your life easier. Different nozzles cope better with different surfaces and areas. For example, a narrow nozzle is convenient for dust from crevices and spaces between floorboards. So do not be afraid to experiment with accessories, and your home will become cleaner.

10. Empty the bag regularly

One of the most common vacuuming mistakes that people make is forgetting to empty the vacuum cleaner’s bag until it’s overflowing. This will adversely impact the functionality of the vacuum cleaner, and could even cause it to kick dust and debris back into the room.

11. Do not forget to dust beforehand

Dusting prior to vacuuming will make your vacuuming endeavor much more successful. Engaging in a few moments of dusting prior to breaking out your vacuum cleaner will tremendously improve your cleaner’s ability to clean up debris.

It’s important to remember vacuuming mistakes so that you’re more equipped to avoid them and use your cleaner correctly. With proper usage, your vacuum cleaner can serve you for years. Just follow these simple do's and don'ts to keep your home clean and comfortable.

Cleaning Tips: 11 Common Vacuuming Mistakes
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