7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Tricks

Blossom Lady
Mar 19, 2021 05:35 AM
7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Tricks

Kitchen hacks and simple solutions are amazing because they make our lives easier, save time, and minimize effort. Regardless of skill level—whether you’re a novice, naturally gifted in the kitchen, or simply blessed with many years of experience—these quick and clever kitchen hacks are sure to change how you cook for the better. I hope, these simple ideas and tips will make your time in the kitchen a little bit more pleasant!

Freeze meat for 15 minutes before cutting

7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Tricks
Cutting meat into thin pieces is sometimes a bit tricky, especially if the meat is tough or your knife is blunt. The best way to get around this is to place the meat in the freezer for 15 minutes before you have to cut it. The cold will make the meat firmer, making it easier to cut. This always works well for fish or chicken breasts.

Bake a pie without a pie pan

7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Tricks
Just spread your pie crust on a greased baking sheet and add a mixture of almonds and sugar. Then add the fruits, leaving a small border around the edge. Fold the edge over the fruit and brush with milk or melted butter. Sprinkle some sugar on top, and bake.

Cook pasta in a pan

7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Tricks
If you're constantly biting into raw pasta shells because you're tired of waiting for your pasta to cook, ditch the pot... Instead, try cooking your pasta in a pan! Lay your pasta in the pan and cover with a little cold water. Heat and stir occasionally until the pasta is cooked through, adding a little water if you need to. The water should evaporate away, so you save time (and dishes) by doing away with the need to strain it.

Make hashbrowns easy peasy

7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Tricks
Cooking hash browns in a skillet can get messy: they break apart when flipped and get soaked in oil. Skip the complications by cooking them in a waffle iron instead. They'll cook more evenly, use less oil, and won't break apart. Just arrange them neatly, push the press down, and voilà!

Decorate a cake in seconds

7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Tricks
Sprinkle some powdered sugar or cocoa over a lace doily for a gorgeous stenciled pattern on top of your cake. This tip works on both plain or iced caked, and guarantees that "wow" effect.

Grind your own spices

7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Tricks
Make your own spice mixes by grinding whole spices together in a coffee grinder. Your spices will be ultra fresh, and you can tweak them to your tastes.

Prevent jams and jellies from spoiling

7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Tricks
Unless you're eating jam at every meal, you probably won't get through the jar in one week. To prevent mold from forming on top, sprinkle on a thin layer of sugar, which will help it last longer.
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