Oven Cleaning Hacks & Simple Solutions

Blossom Lady
Jan 23, 2021 02:19 AM
Oven Cleaning Hacks & Simple Solutions

Cleaning your oven can feel like an impossible task. Whether you bake occasionally or make large meals every night, it’s unrealistic to keep the oven perfectly clean all of the time. Sure, you do your best to clean up small messes as they happen, but ovens need a really deep and thorough cleaning periodically. To keep the task from becoming too overwhelming, here are some simple oven-cleaning hacks to rid your gas or electric range of built-up dirt and grease—or even just a simple spill. Leave your oven sparkly clean with these simple tips.

Never underestimate the power of vacuuming!

Oven Cleaning Hacks & Simple Solutions
Before you can really go to down with the stubborn mess in an oven that likely hasn’t been clean for months (if not years), get rid of any loose charred leftovers lurking at the bottom by vacuuming with all appliances removed. Think of starting work on a clean slate.

Oven Cleaning Dream Team: Bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar and water

Oven Cleaning Hacks & Simple Solutions
Begin by mixing half a cup of bicarb with water to create a thick paste, and using an old paintbrush or cloth spread all over the inside of your oven, from the door to the bottom to the inside walls, but avoid heating fixtures. For best results, leave the paste to do its work overnight (or a minimum of two hours) and then it’s time for the magic trick. In a spray bottle mix equal parts white vinegar and water and spray onto the paste to creating a foaming action. The fizzing will lift away stubborn dirt and grease particles and make wiping away with a damp cloth much easier.

Sprinkle some salt

Oven Cleaning Hacks & Simple Solutions
It's common for spillages to occur on the surface of the oven when you are cooking or baking and salt can be a quick fix. Simply sprinkle the salt on the spill and when the oven has cooled, you'll find it easier to remove the mess.

Try water and lemon

Oven Cleaning Hacks & Simple Solutions
Fill up an oven-safe pan with water, and add the juice of two lemons and the lemon halves too. Then pop the pan in the oven and turn it on. Wait until the water boils before you take the pan out. The steam will loosen the grime and grease inside your oven and will help you remove it more easily. Let the oven cool down before wiping it down with a damp cloth.

Clean your oven racks in the bath

Oven Cleaning Hacks & Simple Solutions
Instead of awkwardly trying to scrub off months worth of burnt on grime awkwardly over the kitchen sink, make things easier for yourself by soaking them in a hot bath with a normal dishwashing tab. Like the vinegar solution above, this will soften hardened dirt and make it much easier to wipe clean the metal.

Use a dishwasher tablet

Oven Cleaning Hacks & Simple Solutions
Using hot water, wet a dishwasher tablet with hot water and scrub it against your oven door as if it is a sponge. This will help to eliminate grime.

Get every little nook and cranny clean with an old toothbrush

Oven Cleaning Hacks & Simple Solutions
Many of us use an old toothbrush to clean the bathroom, but it’s also useful for kitchens. A manual toothbrush is the perfect tool for scrubbing off concentrated marks, lather up in the bicarb solution for extra effectiveness.
Now cleaning with traditional oven cleaner or even a sponge and washing up liquid should be much easier.

Once you've tried all these time, money and effort saving hacks, wipe the inside of your oven with your regular all-purpose anti-bacterial kitchen spray for a sparkling oven that you won't need to look at for another few months. Happy cleaning!
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Geok Hoon Lee
Apr 16, 2021 10:32 PM

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Jul 20, 2021 03:50 PM

Thank you for the share