Crochet Basics: Beads and Crochet

Blossom Lady
Jan 16, 2021 07:35 AM
Crochet Basics: Beads and Crochet

Crochet is an art form, a passion, a therapy, whatever you want to call it, to me it is the most fun you can have with yarn. So, let’s continue to create yarn magic! Today we’ll talk about beads.

When you learn how to crochet with beads, you open up an entirely new world for your craft. Many people like to use bead crochet to make jewelry. However, you can also make accessories, including crochet purses. You can also incorporate beads into crochet fashion. I have to confess I love jewels, beads, and all things shiny. Adding beads to your crochet projects can take them over the top and give them a real one of the kind look. You can even crochet with wire and beads to create your own jewelry masterpieces. I still have a pretty seed pearl necklace my grandmother crocheted many years ago and I wear it often and just love it. Today we will learn how to add beaded embellishments to your crochet projects.

How to Add Beaded Embellishments to Crochet

There are two ways to add beads to a crochet project. The first way is to thread the beads onto your yarn before you begin and as you crochet move them down into your stitches. The second way is to thread the beads onto a piece of yarn and as you crochet incorporate the beaded yarn into your project. Both methods work well, and both are fairly easy to do.

It is up to you which method you prefer although if you are going to add a lot of beads to a project I think the second method is much easier than the first because of the fact you don’t quite know how much yarn you will need before you begin and when you run out of beads you will have to break your yarn, thread more beads onto it and then join the yarn back onto your project. But like I said, it is a personal preference which method you use.

Threading Beads onto Yarn

The first method we’ll learn is to thread the beads onto the yarn before you begin to crochet. You need to know how many beads you want to use since once you string the beads onto the yarn you won’t be able to add any more. Using a sewing needle and thread make a knot in the end of the thread to form a large loop and slide the yarn into the loops. Place a bead onto the sewing needle and slide it down the thread and onto the yarn. Do this until you have threaded the correct number of beads that you need onto the yarn.

Using a Second Piece of Yarn or Thread

The second method for adding beads to your crochet involves using a second piece of thin yarn or thread to hold the beads. This method works well if you’re not sure how many beads you will need since you can always thread more beads onto the end of the thread or yarn. You will hold the second piece of yarn or thread and crochet with it, but only add a bead when you need to. This is why you need to use very thin yarn or thread so that you don’t add a lot of bulk to your fabric.

How to Crochet with Beads

You can position the beads on the front or back of your work depending on how you place them in the stitch. You can also use beads with almost any stitch so this method is very versatile. If you want the bead to be on the back of your work slide the bead up against the stitch before you begin and make a slip stitch to hold the bead in place. Now work your stitch. Each time you need a bead added slide the bead down against your work, slip stitch, and make your stitch.

Another method to place beads in the back of your work is to work the stitch to the last two loops on the hook, slide the bead up against the hook, yarn over and draw the yarn through the last to loops. This secures the bead into the stitch. If you need the bead to be on the front of your work simply slide the bead to the front after you yarn over. This enables you to be able to add beads no matter what side of the fabric you are working on.

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Joy Smith
Jan 16, 2021 12:32 PM

thank you for another added asset to beautify my work.

Jan 16, 2021 03:56 PM

That is very beautiful l gots to get finish crocheting my pumpkin that I was crocheting for Thanksgiving and my birthday

Jan 20, 2021 12:51 AM

Thank you for this information. I have been leary about using beads but this explains it quite well🙂🙂

Jan 21, 2021 06:12 AM

Thank you for this Star Stitch tutorial. I LOVE this stitch. I didn't know what it was called either. Thank you very much for your help.  Sincerely, jackie b

Mar 06, 2021 07:15 PM

Thanks for another good one 😁👍. Be safe 😷

Apr 19, 2021 08:52 AM

I loves making them all the time I have one made anyway 🤔 about making some more when I get the time to do it