5 Easy Tips for a Comfortable Home

Blossom Lady
Jun 21, 2020 07:44 AM

Sometimes, chaos can overwhelm us. Most people will not be able to spend several hours a day or an entire weekend just decluttering and tidying up. Check these useful tips for creating a warm and comfortable home, even if you’re a minimalist. You will find simple and creative ideas for creating the ultimate cozy, calm and welcoming atmosphere at home. Enjoy!

1. Get rid of unnecessary things

First, you have to spot the unnecessary things that make it more difficult to keep your home tidy. Usually, these are things like clothes or books we don’t use and don’t actually need. Although minimalism might seem cold and contemporary, that doesn’t have to be the case at all. You just need to leave the things that you love. At this stage, it is important to get rid of everything that bothers or gets on your nerves.

My advice would be to get rid of one or two items each day. Take them straight to an opportunity store or donate them to a local community group. The key from here on in is to then make sure you aren’t bringing new items into your household. Don’t need it? Don’t buy it. Another thing you could do is make a list of 100 things you own and use regularly. After you’ve made that list, walk around the house and see what wasn’t important enough to make the list- you’ll be surprised how much stuff you have that is not used or needed.

2. Add unusual interior details

Bring in small comforts like pillows to add instant cozy living vibes. One of the easiest ways to change the look and seasonal style of your room is to change your pillow covers and add little details to the interior! Photos, paintings, an unusual tapestry or a napkin bound by your hands - such trifles add personality to any house. Your home is a reflection of your interests and tastes, so do not be shy in expressing yourself. Tip: Hang pictures at eye level!

The only thing you should keep in mind is functionality above all. Try to find a reasonable compromise in choosing between beauty and convenience.

3. Keep it clean

In order not to spend the whole weekend cleaning and tidying up, break it into stages - it's easier than trying to cope with everything at once. Here is a sample daily plan. You can add other tasks and change the order if you prefer. The idea is that maintaining cleanliness is an ongoing process, and not a complicated thing.

Monday: cleaning the bathroom and laundry.

Tuesday: ironing the laundry.

Wednesday: wiping off the dust.

Thursday: vacuum cleaning.

Friday: cleaning the kitchen

Saturday or Sunday: change the bedding.

4. Simplify the cleaning process as much as possible.

The less effort it takes to put things in order, the better. Stock up with the right equipment. Wiping off dust with microfiber cloths is much faster and more efficient than using old t-shirts or wet wipes. If you wash the floor with water with the addition of a special product, you can wipe off the dirt without much effort the first time.

5. Keep the air fresh and pure

A clean house may be a healthier house, because good indoor hygiene can greatly cut down on dust. Improving indoor air quality can also help you avoid allergy symptoms and keep you breathing easy. Focus on the following: 1) vacuuming the carpets and area rugs at least once or twice a week with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter. 2) Clean bedding and drapes regularly. Also consider using dust mite–proof covers on pillows, as well as mattresses and box springs, whenever possible. If you have a forced-air heating system, be certain to change the filters regularly. Check the humidity. A hygrometer would be useful here, but you can deal with a simple test. Pour cold water into a glass and leave it in the refrigerator for several hours until the water cools to about 3 °C. Put the glass in the room away from the batteries and see what happens next. Condensation appeared on the walls of the glass, which quickly dried up - the air in the room is too dry. If the surface of the glass remains a little damp - everything is fine. If the streams appear in the glass — the air is too humid. If you feel that it’s hard to breathe at home, your throat is constantly drying up - this is definitely a sign of air dryness. And of course, don’t forget to open windows from time to time to allow fresh air to move into the house.

I’d love to hear from you! What are your favorite tricks for creating a warm and cozy home? Is your cozy living room the best space in your house? Please share in the comments!

5 Easy Tips for a Comfortable Home
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