7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Solutions

Blossom Lady
Dec 05, 2020 06:50 AM
7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Solutions

Genius hacks and simple solutions are amazing because they make our lives easier, save time, and minimize effort. These kitchen hacks range from how to keep oven mitts and dish towels within reach, to making a smart recycling center in the kitchen, and everything else in between. These simple ideas and tips out there will help you squeeze as much space out of your kitchen as possible — without sacrificing style or your bank account, and I hope, they will make your time in the kitchen a little bit more pleasant!

Fixing a test-y problem.

7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Solutions
To keep metal cake testers from getting lost in crowded drawers, insert them into the holes of a dedicated saltshaker, where they are in plain sight and close at hand when you need them.

Keeping oven mitts and dish towels within reach.

7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Solutions
If you can never find your oven mitt or dish towel when you need it, try this simple way to keep them in sight: hang the mitt or towel from a shower curtain hook placed on the oven door’s handle.

Reaching beyond your grasp.

7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Solutions
To grasp lightweight items that are just out of reach, sidestep the steps tool in favor of another kitchen tool—a pair of tongs. They’re great for grabbing things like bags of pasta, cereal boxes, or spices from the top shelves of the cupboard or pantry.

No-slip dish towel.

7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Solutions
The oven door handle is a convenient place to hang dish towels, but a smooth bar offers little traction and the cloths often slip off and fall to the floor. For a simple fix, try this easy trick.
1. Cut a sheet of nonslip shelf liner about 5 inches wide and long enough to wrap around the handle of your oven.
2. Wrap the liner around the oven handle and secure it with double-sided tape; hang the towel over the liner.

Six-pack supply storage.

7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Solutions
The boxes containing plastic sandwich bags, rolls of aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and the like can use up a lot of drawer space. Solve this problem by storing the boxes upright in the slots of a cardboard six-pack beer bottle or soda container in a cabinet under the counter.

Attach a towel holder to the inside of your kitchen sink.

7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Solutions
If you’re feeling futuristic, add this tiny magnetic cloth holder to your life. Combine it with the hanging dish drying rack and you’ve just made doing the dishes an entirely self-contained job.

Transform a drawer into a recycling center.

7 Kitchen Hacks & Simple Solutions
Instead of having bins and bins underneath your sink where you sort and store different things to recycle, try this four-compartment “recycling center”, made of triangle bins. It hides inside of a pull-out drawer just like a trashcan so your recycling won’t generate any visual clutter in your kitchen.
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Jun 11, 2021 09:19 PM

More great tips.  I can definitely use some of these 😊